AdventuRoj Wins Best Upcoming/Newcomer Blog in the Philippines

Almost a month ago, we were surprised to know that The Adventures of Adventuroj is nominated as Skyscanner’s Best Newcomer Blog (read the full article here).

With crossed fingers we dared to venture for the competition.. then now, the results are out..

Here’s something from Skyscanner Philippines Official Announcement of Winners Statement:

The votes are finally in! We reveal the five Philippine winners of

Skyscanner’s first travel blog awards.

The Travel Bloscars 2013 are Skyscanner’s first travel blog awards, recognizing the excellent work of travel bloggers on informing and inspiring travellers by sharing their adventures and travel experiences, and honoring the very best of the travel blogosphere.

Here at Skyscanner, we spent countless hours reading travel blogs. It was a tough job. The standard of travel blogging is very high and there are many, many travel bloggers out there who deserve recognition, but eventually we narrowed down the field to five nominees in four categories.

Then it was down to YOU, the people, to decide which Bloscar nominee should be chosen as the “Best” Travel Blogger from the Philippines in each category. Thank you to everyone who voted.

And the winners are (drum roll please!):

Travel Blog Oscars Best Upcoming/Newcomer Blog: Adventuroj!

Travel Blog Oscars Best Upcoming/Newcomer Blog: Adventuroj!

Congratulations to all our winners. Each winning blogger receives a Kindle Fire HD.

Our five (Philippine) winners go into the grand finale, competing against the winners from across the world to determine the Best International Travel Bloggers of the Year!

The winners of each category, chosen by Skyscanner’s International judging panel, will receive Php30,000 worth of flights.

The winners will be announced on the 4th March

Source: Sky Scanner Philippines (Click here for the full info)

Congratulations Adventuroj and to all of us!

My utmost gratitude for everyone! We’re all in this journey together! Maraming maraming salamat po!

Of Why I Choose to Depart with a Broken Heart

Of lines of a poetic piece of art,

To tackle one’s broken piece of heart,

It’s time for another tale to tell,

To spell this month’s PTB Blog Carnival.



Hearts will once again rejoice,

To celebrate or to mourn,

That will be your own personal choice.


I write this post not to brag,

Whether I be happy or in need of a hug,

All I know my Valentine’s won’t be a cold one,

A hand to hold, friends and a family to run,

All’s enough, I ask for none.

valentines day paint heart wallpapers

But Valentines may not always be happy and gay,

Oftentimes there may be shades of black and gray.

There are those with tears to display,

All brought by hearts in decay.



So the question that I need to know,

This month of hearts,

Where do broken hearts go?


Are they meant in the deep, blue ocean to flow?

Thrown in the wind, pierced by a crow?

Or perhaps lie shivering in a mountain of snow?



Where do Broken heart go?


But put in mind that wherever they go,

What matters is for us to grow.


If you’ll ask where mine would go,

In times when it’s shattered, broke, and hurt,

And I have nothing else to give,

Tears are dry, soul exhausted, no longer wanted to live.


I’ll tell you what…

I run,


and run,


and run…

Until I’m gone.

 Zamboanga Travel


Travel in a far away land,

Of nobody but me, myself, and I.

For they say that you should endure,

what you cannot cure.


Tears will flow once more,

Questions will be asked,

Even the meaning of life be pondered,

For when we are weakened and broken,

All else seems to be forsaken.


We are left again with nothing but us,

Alone, tormented in this messy fuss.

Then we started to swore and to curse,

Who is it to be blamed in this time of adverse?


Is it we who did become careless and thoughtless?

Or them for being mean and heartless?

But would it be wiser to stop all the blaming,

And just proceed on living?


Travel Photo


There’s no point explaining,

That all we achieve in blaming and exacting revenge,

Is to make ourselves the equals of our enemies.

Whereas by forgiving, we show wisdom and intelligence.


Let us always heed that when faced by any loss,

There’s no point in trying to recover what has been,

Rather it’s best to take advantage of the space that opened up,

And fill it up with something new.


For in theory, every loss is for our own good,

For that is when we question the existence of God

and ask ourselves,

“What did I do to deserve all these?”


Men is in a constant quest of seeking answers,

We will always be asking ourselves the same questions,

But perhaps it may be of help,

If we’ll be humble enough to accept that our hearts know why we are here.


Yes it’s difficult to talk to your heart,

And perhaps it isn’t even necessary.

We simply have to trust and follow the signs,

Sooner or later, we’ll realize that we’re all part of something greater than us.


– even if we can’t understand rationally what that something is.


They say that in the second before our death,

Each of us understands the real reasons for our existence.


Flower by the beach


These, and the many reasons of why we breathe,

Are just some of why in times I’ve got a broken heart,

All I wanna do is depart,

Not to be apart, but to be with myself until then,

For only in these times will I be whole again.


How about you?

On this day of hearts,

Given a broken heart,

Where would you opt to go?



This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Blogger’s Blog Carnival for February 2013 with the theme “WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO?” hosted by Rain of Rakistang Nars. Check out the carnival’s archive as compiled by Estan Cabigas by clicking the Logo below 🙂


13 Things Why You’ll Love New Beginnings this 2013

Two Thousand Thirteen,

A year that had been.

2012 in Review

Of earthquakes, landslides, typhoons and devastations,

Of Scarborough Shoal’s disputes and allegations,

A defeat in the Ring, and a death of a King,

Plus the conviction of a reigning Chief Justice.

But of course, let it not be forgotten,

We also triumphed back then.

With Jessica Sanchez, Janine Tugonon, Nonito Donaire, and Pedro Calungsod.

That made us all glued.


With the epic fail December 21 End of the World prediction,

Are you saying #Amalayer?

I hope not for I did not plagiarize,

Why not just rejoice and take a look of The Year Like We Traveled Like It’s The End of the World PTB Year Ender (Part I and Part II)?


January 2013 PTB Blog Carnival


Now that yesteryear’s done,

2013 has come,

And to make this year more fun,

I’m bringing to you the Pinoy Travel Blogger’s Blog Carnival!


But to make this year stand out from the rest,

Let this post not be of paragraphs and sentences,

But of poetry, prose and wild, wild west,

Seeking to bring out the best for what we store within our vest.


And so, this month’s theme is about New Beginnings

Of men and women in blue jeans,

Most in loved with coffee beans,

In front of their computer screens.

— Enough with the rhymes,

But what’s sure is their love for the Philippines.


So let’s not wait any further,

It’s getting darker from where I’m writing,

There are mosquitoes biting,

And it’s never delighting.


This month of January,

The month that I loved the most,

My birth month, in winter atmosphere and heavy frost,

I want nothing but the best for this post.


To host this Carnival, I’m not aware,

A dream come true –  That, I’m aware,

But war’s been declared,

And so I present to you 34 Travel Bloggers,

All with their twist and turn love affairs.


Affairs with travel, adventure, wanderlusts, and more.

Let’s get to know them one by one,

As they talk about their NEW plans, NEW projects,

NEW resolutions, NEW mindset, and even a NEW love life!


To you I bring,

On this side of the ring,


For this year to come – 2013!


13 New Beginnings For 2013


1. New Travel Buddies


2013 opens with the birth of new travel writers,

Fellow itchy feets

Welcomed in blazing PTB trumpets,

And fancy carpets.


First is Yaj Abellera aka rjdexplorer,

A study about tourism and to interview foreigners,

Visit 20 provinces this year,

And meet more travel bloggers.


That’s just some of his 2013 travel list,

Read the rest at Yaj Abellera – Time to Step Up: Areas to Work on for 2013


A year to open our hearts to new and exciting possibilities,

Exploring and knowing our very own places,

Like how she prides her beloved City of Iloilo,

Is what 2013 for Antoine will be.

Read the rest of his post at Antoine Greg – 2013 – I will continue to put my heart & soul into my Photos.


An inquisitive story of a little girl in her little world of fantasy,

An observer of storytellers and wanderers of places this and that,

Witness how she steps out ready to combat in the real world,

Read here as her story unfurled — 

Nathelle Lumabad – Not-so-little Beginnings | The Little Girl Goes Places

2. Travel Wishes, Fortunes and Astrology


No tarot reading nor astrology prediction,

Will deter Mich’s convictions,

More mountains, beaches & island hopping ahead,

Visit her post to have your fortune read.

Mich Borlagdan , Chasing Philippines: Keep Calm and Keribels: The 2013 Travel Plans & Predictions


For a person born in the year of the snake,

This year will surely be ‘snake’y for Armie,

A handful of dreams, plans and hopes,

An outreach program, a healthy year ahead, and more.

Armie Abigania – DREAMS, PLANS, and HOPES for 2013 YEAR of the SNAKE


Seeking to make his 2013 a little less lonelier,

The Lonely Travelogue wishes more meet ups with fellow wanderers,

Plus plans on climbing Mt Pulag,

And monetizing his blog.

Read more of his plans at Jherson Jaya – Lonely Travelogue: My Traveling Life 2013

3. Tales and Trails of Growing Up


A year packed of ambitions and aspirations,

That’s how Regine sets her mission,

To dream and aspire in childlike eyes,

Visit her post to be surprised.

Regine Camille Garcia – People Love Ambitious Travelers


A line in French,

A drink to quench,

And a man who sat by the bench.


This is how Reiza opened her post.

A year of immersion this year will be at most,

More talks with the local folks,

More mingling and people watching,

All parts of growing in traveling.


See a wanderer who travels – for real, here – Reiza Dejito – The Wanderer Grows Up


Bye bye baby steps,

And hello to Solo trips,

That’s what Sarah has in her 2013 travel wish list,

Find out more if she’ll be brave enough to face this feat.

Sarah Grace Callanga – wandering potpot: 2013 A Year of Solo Travels

4. Of Travel Pairs and Love Affairs


Missy started her scribbles for the snake with a hiss,

With plans that this year she’ll travel less,

She’ll no longer be a lass but soon will be a bride,

Is this for real or are you in for a bribe?

Find out more: Missy Penaverde – Scribbles for the Snake


Despite last year’s disappointments and failed bookings,

The Pinaythrillseeker’s still celebrating,

A dream wedding and a honeymoon,

In a place many longs to be,

Find out where in her romantic and moving post here

Cris Reyes Galang, the PinayThrillSeeker – 2013: Just Dreams. Not Plans. Except for One. 


Mhe-anne Ojeda sure got this year planned already,

With love plans of settling down,

You’ll see her this year in her wedding gown,

More love tales and motherhood plans at 

Mhe-anne Ojeda  – A Peek At My 2013 Planner: That “One And Only” Thing To Do Monthly !

5. Endless Travel Plans


An Open Letter to 2013,

Is what Marj Garra has in her pen,

Attending a music festival, and plans of diving and trekkings

Are some of her new beginnings.

Marj Garra – An Open Letter to 2013


This 2013,

It’s a different story for Nikka and Owen,

With sharks and sea turtles in it,

Read the rest of how they’ll take a dip and its every bit.

Nikka Corsino and Owen Ballesteros – Sharks and surprises: 2013’s first month so far


Kaiye and Endette on the other hand aims to really save up this year,

Although plans on going on solo trips exist,

But surely they will still travel as a pair somewhere,

To explore and learn something from every destination,

Aside from the usual what, when and where.

Kaiye Pallarco and Endette Mendoza – Wherever The Wind Takes Us

6. Get Up and Get Going Travelogues


A year that is brighter than ever,

Is how Paula views 2013,

Believing that when things don’t go as you wished for,

Traveling is the best remedy there is.

Paula Anntoneth O – Off To A New Start


Mimai may not have the perfect start of the year, but who cares?

She sure still have the remaining 360+ days to do what she dares,

To explore, shoot, and discover

See more of her plans here.

Mimai Cabugnason  – What To Do This 2013?

7. An Around the World Travel Path


An end and a beginning for Josiah is what 2013 will be,

The end to a promise not to travel outside his country,

And the beginning of his first footsteps outside his native land,

Read here what he has in hand

Josiah Sicad – 2013: Starting off where my promise ended

Bitten by the travel bug this 2013,

A travel wish list is set for Catherine,

Journeying through Morocco, Germany, Slovakia, and more –

Include to that a plan to see Iceland’s Aurea Borealis,

Her post you really shouldn’t miss.

Catherine Iblan – Travel Wish List for 2013!


After thrashing out the end of the world belief,

To walk over new grounds is how Marky sees himself,

From the far bending corners of the Philippines to Indonesia, Laos, and India,

And to far away Montreal in Canada.


It sure do doesn’t hurt to dream for this traveler! Read the rest of his 2013 plans on 

Marky Ramone Go – Post End of the World Travel Plans

8. Unplanned Beginnings and Random Wanderings


Travelers with no specific plans,

To how this year they’ll dance,

Rest be assured they’ll make a blast,

For 2013 they’ll still travel amassed


No specific travel plans,

No pre booked promotional tickets,

No bucket lists,

Just letting all else unfold in time –

Go with the flow this 2013 with Riz in

Riz Baldivia – Whatever happens in the year of the Snake!


After backpacking Europe for 70 days,

And a travel interview that set her trails ablaze,

Aleah’s not committing into any new year’s resolutions,

“It’s not where you’ve been that matters, but it’s where you’re going,” she says.

Read more at Aleah Phils – Of Meaningful Travels and Other Resolutions


A story about ‘Plan’ and its cousin called ‘Dream’,

Is how Rain beamed his blog opening,

Read the rest of her story as she takes you on a year of dreaming big,

And planning vague on 

Rain Amantiad-Campanilla  – 2013: Will Travel

9. Selfless Travel Deeds


To give and serve more along the way,

As she commits to travel far away,

Learn new things, and make room for surprises,

Are some that comprises Claire’s 2013.

Claire Madarang – Designing A Life Of Adventure This 2013


2013 will be a time to get a pen,

Write the things that we want to put in the bin,

Include to that plans and dreams for his ministry,

These and many more of what 2013 will be

Know more about Ephraim’s The Adventist Adventurer: New Year. New Beginning. New Plans.


Held back by a teacup Shih Tzu named Kimi,

Regin’s cutting his travels this year,

Yet need not fear,

For he’ll still be trotting this land,

From the Himalayas, Malaysia, and Thailand,

And a Ministry work to end,

This surely won’t be the end.

Regin Reyno – Regin’s Travels: 2013 Travel Plans

10. Fearless Adventures


There is no holding back for Pinay Travelista,

As she packs this year with pledges to work,

Travel, Live, and Love more for Lisa.

Read her narrative at Lisa Marie Mirasol of Pinay Travelista, 2013 | No Holding Back


Take a peek of what’s in store for Journeying James this 2013,

Plans of surfing and joining competitions,

To Dive. Hike. Rest. Invest. And more Collaborations.

Journey with him and see the rest of his compilation.

Journeying James – What’s In Store for JourneyingJames this 2013?


This 2013 there’ll be more for Ervin,

More trails to like,

Mountains to hike,

All for the love of adventure and the like!

Ervin Malicdem – 2013 Schadow1 Expeditions Outlook

11. Travel Giveaways


Driving in Australia in day two of 2013,

Setting plans on going places they’ve never been,

For by next year they’ll surely be anchored somewhere,

As preschool welcomes their daughter.


Not just that, Gay’s been so happy and gay,

To share her happiness with us as she begins 2013 with a giveaway!

Check out her blog to find out more! 

Gay Mitra-Emami – Dawn Of 2013: A Giveaway

12. Massive Travel Projects


To complete her 80 before 30 project,

Visit places no one will expect,

The less touristy and some off beaten destinations,

Is Che Gurrobat’s 2013 expectations.

Che Gurrobat – 2013: Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been and Do Something You’ve Never Done


Now on his 5th year of traveling around the Philippines,

Pinoy Adventurista laid out his plan for this 2013,

A visit in Batanes and Sulu to complete his #80PHL Challenge,

He also wishes to venture on more adventures, attend more festivals, and organize group tours

For all of us to experience how it is to travel ‘The Pinoy Adventurista’ way..


Head on to his blog at to read the rest of his plans:

Pinoy Adventurista – Things I Want to Accomplish on my 5th Year of Traveling around the Philippines


Surely a massive year for Glen this 2013 portrays,

A plan to circle the Philippines in 50 days,

The launch of his PHL50 Travel Project,

Of many will really expect.


Join him as he travels the Philippines overland non-stop from Mindanao to Visayas and Luzon and back to Mindanao for 50 days.      Glen Santillan – PHL50 : Around the Philippines in 50 Days.

13. Not a World End but a Beginning of a New One


2013 new age

And after all that’s been said and done,

It’s now my turn to have my take on this one,

Glad to have reached the end,

I hope your eyes I could still lend.


It’s been quite a long journey up there,

Countless lines, limitless prose – of that we are aware,

Now you’ll ask what’s 2013 for me will be?

Need not fret, for I won’t flee.

travel roj 2013 small

2013’s a new beginning –

Another year for sightseeing,

My bucket list will be needing another filling,

After this 30 for Adventuroj  — for 2013.

30 for me  – – – for 2013

1.        Go firing guns in a shooting range

2.        Water rafting

3.        Spelunking

4.        Hike as many mountains as possible

5.        Camp out in a far away non touristed outcast island

6.        Go where my feet or wheels will take me until i get lost

7.        Do something I’ve never done at least once a month

8.        Do more surfing and really learn the art and craft of it!

9.        Diving (again) and take oohh-some underwater photos

10.     Buy a new mountain bike and take that loooong bike ride

11.     More lazy days and rainy days

12.     More movies to watch

13.     More music to jam

14.     To cook more and eat less

15.     Read more good books

16.     Enhance my photography skills

17.     Go back to the gym, play badminton, and do boxing

18.     To travel within my own province and nearby places, blog, and tell the world how beautiful it is to be here

19.     Be able to make my own Adventuroj logo (and print out shirts =)

20.     Start out a not your ordinary travel blog of photography and poetry

21.     Start a travel YouTube channel

22.     To start my quest for a nonstop around the country backpacking adventure around all 80 Philippine provinces (while working online)

23.     To invest more and help others learn the art of saving pennies for rainy days

24.     Provide more budget travel tips and tricks to help everyone travel as cheap as possible

25.     Get to know and meet more wanderlusts – people who share the same passion and love for travel and adventure

26.     To make a difference to whoever i meet to wherever i go

27.     To be able to “nurse” a soul and more soles that I’ll come across my travels (especially those living in far flung communities)

28.     To trek the road less travelled, going into places not yet discovered

29.     To inspire more Filipinos to travel the Philippines and love it first and foremost before other foreign land

30.     To be MORE in every word, action, deed, and thought, and MORE of who I am.


So that’s it!

I know there’ll be more,

But I guess you’re already bored.


And now this is the time for parting,

And our time is at an end,

The rest of your life is starting,

And we have no time at all to spend.


Until next adventure then,

Thank you for your time, a minute or ten,

Happy New Beginnings I wish to you,

For 2013, what beginning would you do?


Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.  – Winston Churchill

– – –This is the 27th Edition of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ (PTB) Blog Carnival with the topic “2013 New Beginnings”. It is my second blog carnival participation, a new beginning for a new beginner I should say. It is a great honor and pleasure to be the host for this January 2013’s blog carnival as it was one of the things I looked forward to even before being a part of PTB, but more than that, I hope this not so ordinary blog post would be able to live up to its purpose of inspiring all of you to pursuing whatever new beginning you have.

Happy 2013! Check out the carnival’s archive as compiled by Estan Cabigas by clicking the Logo below 🙂


Adventuroj Nominated as Skyscanner’s Best Newcomer Blog

“The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings.”

Another blessing has come my way, The Adventures of Adventuroj is nominated as one of Skyscanner’s Travel Blog Oscar’s New Comer Blogs in the Philippines.

The winners for each country are going to be determined by the most number of votes. These winners from the Philippines will in turn compete with winners from other countries.


What is Bloscars 2013?

The Bloscars 2013 are the Skyscanner Travel  Blog Awards where Skyscanner recognises the excellent work of travel bloggers on informing and inspiring travelers by sharing their adventures and travel experiences.

How Are The Nominees Selected?

From Janet Ranola of Skyscanner Philippines:

The nominees have been selected by colleagues (mostly from our PR and content/SEO team) from both the Singapore and UK offices (I am not included for obvious reasons). I know that there had been a lot of going back and forth when it went down to shortlisting the blogs per category because for the Philippines alone they have come up with about 50 travel blogs that are pretty good. Multiply that process for 10 more countries and you’ve got chaos. That’s the reason why they came up with a readers’ choice category because they all know that they cannot include all these. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of questions, especially from those who think that there are far better blogs (in terms of quality of writing and content, which are the main things that we are looking for) that should be on the list, but please encourage them to campaign for these travel blogs under the readers’ choice category.

Phases of the Competition

The Skyscanner Travel Blog Awards consist of three stages:

  1. The Skyscanner international team nominates 5 bloggers for each of the categories in each country.
  2. Popular Voting: A shortlist of 5 blogs will be chosen by public vote, one blog per category in each country. The shortlist will comprise the 5 blogs receiving the largest number of public votes by the closing date.  Votes are limited to one vote per blog and readers can also nominate a blog that Skyscanner has not already nominated by using the “User´s choice category”.
  1.  The winners from each category will compete against the winners of the other participating countries in the international final, where the Skyscanner international  judging panel  will choose the final winners.

The opening and closing dates of the award are:

–          Nominees are announced on the 17th of January 2013 and voting opens

–          Voting for winners of each categories closes on the 18th of February 2013

–          Country winners of each categories are announced on the 22nd of February 2013

–          Final international winners are announced on the 1st of March 2013


The  Bloscar awards will cover the following categories:

  • Best female travel blogger: This category is dedicated to female bloggers who have proved to have excellent travel writing skills.
  • Best male travel blogger: This category is dedicated to the male bloggers who have proved to have excellent travel writing skills.
  • Best travel photography blog: This category is dedicated to those travel bloggers who capture the best moments of their travels with their cameras and delight us with outstanding images.
  • Best newcomer travel blog:  This category is dedicated to the new travel blogs which have been around for a year or less but have proven to be excellent travel writers.
  • User´s choice blog:   This will be the only category where Skyscanner readers can nominate a blog (that has not been already nominated by Skyscanner).

Nominees for Travel Bloscars 2013

Best Male Blogger

Best Female Blogger

New Comer Blog

Best Photography

Another feat for Adventuroj of The Adventures of Adventuroj!

Travel Blog Awards

Being nominated in such a prestigious travel blog competition is indeed an honor for me. Within one year of blogging and doing the thing I loved the most – that is ‘traveling’, it is overwhelming to know that one’s efforts are appreciated.

I know this is a tough one. Competing alongside established and well known travel bloggers in the country (most of whom are friends also from the Pinoy Travel Bloggers Facebook Community), is ain’t easy. But I’m not giving up. I always love challenges, and this, I accept as another adventure!

As they say, “Keep Calm and Carry On.” 

Travel Quote

How to Vote for Travel Bloscars 2013?

To vote, just visit or Click any of the two Travel Bloscar Images above (they’re linked to the site).


You can check the winners for the past year here –

Not just that, you might also just win yourself a Kindle Fire HD upon voting! Thank you! ^^,

The White Pride of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Ilocos Norte

It was in an in flight magazine where I first saw an image of this stunning rock formation dressed in all white. At first, I even thought the photo was edited but upon seeing it with my own eyes during my visit at Ilocos, I was at awe in belief. It is indeed real!

Why ‘Kapurpurawan’?

The word “kapurpurawan” means “Kaputi putian” or white in Ilokano. The place was named as such due to the distinctive grand white lime stone formations within the area. The mighty winds coming from the sea causes a big part to the displacement of minerals and the instinctive and chemical weathering of this rock formation. Truly an amazing work of mother nature isn’t it?

Kapurpurawan Photo (3.5)

The trek to Kapurpurawan can be done in two ways: you could enjoy a hike towards it, or have a horseback ride for 50php.

Since me and my travel buddy wants to savor our adventure in Ilocos, we decided to go for the second option.

Horse Back Riding in Kapurpurawan

And yes, did I forget to mention that this is my first horse ride? And tell you, I love it!

Kapurpurawan Photo (3)

Kapurpurawan Photo (2)

During the journey to the stunning rock formation, you could see from afar the Kapurpurawan landmark, a giant sphinx cutting through the deep blue sky with all its whiteness.

Kapurpurawan Photo (1)

Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by these mini houses in white. The guide told us that these are just imitations ; a remnant of the cast of  “Si Agimat, Si Enteng at Ako” movie, one of the entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival for December 2012.

Kapurpurawan Photo (4)

Kapurpurawan Photo (6)

Setting Foot in a Chalk White Rock Formation

Moving on, we walked on to the inviting rock formation ahead of us and I found myself taking photos here, there and everywhere.

Kapurpurawan Photo (5)

Kapurpurawan Photo (7)

Kapurpurawan Photo (8)

Kapurpurawan Photo (9)

Kapurpurawan Photo (11)

Kapurpurawan Photo (13)

Kapurpurawan Photo (14)

Locals claim that the upper beak part that looks like a Sphinx or head of a sleeping dragon changes every year through natural conditions.

Kapurpurawan Photo (12)

After much photo ops, we headed back to our tricycle tour to explore the rest of Pagudpud.

Kapurpurawan, you are indeed a white pride!

Kapurpurawan Photo (16)

The above blog post is part of my Ilokandia Ultimate Adventure – Laoag – Pagudpud – Vigan tour series of posts in the Ilocos Region, Philippines that happened last November 28 – December 2, 2012. | Ilocos Adventure: Laoag Vigan Pagudpud Budget Itinerary | Laoag City Walking Tour: Places, Food, and Fun Treats | Ilocandia Sand Boarding and 4×4 Ride in La Paz Sand Dunes | Paoay Tour: Paoay Church, Malacanang of the North and the Paoay Lake | Bangui Windmills: The Answer is Blowing in the Wind | Historical Adventure at Faro de Cabo Bojeador | Trekking to Kabigan Falls | Bantay Abot Cave & Other Rock Formations | Scenic Views at Patapat Viaduct | The White Pride of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

2012: AdventuRoj Year of Firsts!

So, I’ve got to be honest: it’s REALLY surreal to be writing this year ender special to you guys. I can’t believe it’s already December, and that 2012 is coming to a close! What a year it’s been!

Looking back at 2012 is a little strange, actually. Strange, because it was such an amazing year, where so many of my dreams came true—so many, in fact, that it still doesn’t feel quite real.

I could still remember that one cold New Year Morning in January 2012 when I’ve pondered to create, thinking it might be good to start the year with a New Blog for a New Year.

Some days, it feels like it happened to someone else, or that it was just the very best dream I ever had in my life, and I’ll wake up one morning and none of it will have happened. But 2012 DID happen. And so many of those dreams came true because of YOU GUYS.

So to give back to all that had happened, I’ve made a special year ender for all of you. So sit back, relax and together let’s reminisce the Adventure we’ve had for 2012!

2012 Adventuroj Year-Ender Video Special

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January 2012: Celebrating New Beginnings

It was my first outdoor far away trip on my birthday month. Drove all the way to Bukidnon  and had a blastin’ adventure there!

January 2012

January 2012

Festive February 2012

Come February, and a lot of travel adventures in line. We’ve come flying all the way to Clark for a weekend of everything that flies. Then went roaming around on Subic. The following weekend, me and my travel buddy had a Palawan get away to celebrate her big day. And the adventure didn’t end there, after that, coming back home to join GenSan’s Colorful Kalilangan Festival.

From the Skies to the Grounds and into the Deep

From the Skies to the Grounds and into the Deep

A Sunny Side of March

After trekking a bit of Luzon, let’s now head south at Zamboanga City this Month of March. Coupled with my closest friends, we’ve challenged ourselves to a Zamboanga City 3D/2N: 1,000 Peso Travel Challenge. Wondering if we did it? Find out! Who says that exploring the Pink Island of Zamboanga, the historic sites, and the colorful musically gyrating fountains can be luxurious?!

March 2012: Marching All the Way at Zamboanga City

March 2012: Marching All the Way at Zamboanga City

A Peaceful Month of April

After a series of outdoor adventures, AdventuRoj went home to spend some quality time with her family. A trip at my grandparent’s homeplace in Maitum, Sarangani Province, and a quick Dinosaurs Alive getaway in GenSan. Apart from that, the month of April had been lined of blogposts focusing on the essence of Holy Week [my Wholly Week Special series of posts], enabling one to reflect in silent peace and harmony.

April 2012: Enjoying Some Quality Time Back Home

April 2012: Enjoying Some Quality Time Back Home

An Adventurous May

On the month of May, I was once again back at Clark and in Subic. This time together with my family and friends, we’ve ventured out the life in the wild, heading to the Jungle Zoobic Safari, and a water adventure at the Ocean Adventure park at Subic.

May 2012: Back at Subic to Enjoy the Marine and Jungle Life

May 2012: Back at Subic to Enjoy the Marine and Jungle Life

A Grandiose & Vibrant June

Come my most awaited month, perhaps my most favorite-estestest! Haha. Featuring Adventuroj’ first out of the country trip this year, off to Hong Kong! Not just that but also the chance to witness my greatest admired singer and song writer, Jason Mraz Live in Concert.

June 2012: A Trip to Hong Kong, feat. Jason Mraz Live

June 2012: A Trip to Hong Kong, feat. Jason Mraz Live

Watch Jason Mraz Live in Hong Kong Video

A Jovial and Joyful July 2012

The merriment’s not yet over, this July we’ve had a feast of colors in vibrant costumes paired with joyous beats of the drums in celebrating my home province’s South Cotabato‘s T’Nalak Festival!

Tnalak Festival in South Cotabato: A Parade of Colors

Tnalak Festival in South Cotabato: A Parade of Colors

Not just that, this month was also extra special because Adventuroj won its first Major Blog Award being hailed as the winner of Tnalak 2012 Blog Writing Contest. For everyone who supported me during my endeavor, my heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Celebrating Differences: Tnalak Festival Amo na ya!

Celebrating Differences: Tnalak Festival Amo na ya!

Click Here to Read my Winning Entry

An Adventuresome August

During this month of August, we’ve ventured out all the way from Lake Agco in Kidapawan City, to dancing to the beats of Kadayawan Festival in Davao, and enjoyed a Surfing adventure @ Siargao.

Adventure at Lake Agco Kidapawan City

Adventure at Lake Agco Kidapawan City

August 2012: Surf's Up in Siargao

August 2012: Surf’s Up in Siargao

Kadayawan Festival 2012 in Davao City

Kadayawan Festival 2012 in Davao City

Life’s a Beach in September

This month of September, we’ve gone Beachin’ fun in Cebu & Bohol with my barkada with only a 3k budget.  Then the week after I’m off to Boracay-Guimaras-Iloilo to celebrate my dad’s birthday along with the whole family.

Beachin From Cebu-Bohol to Boracay-Guimaras-Iloilo

Beachin From Cebu-Bohol to Boracay-Guimaras-Iloilo

October 2012 Birthday Fest

This month of October, Adventuroj arranged a trip to take my Family for my Mom’s Big Day at Palawan. A once in a life time experience trailing the ever popular Underground River and a taste of another exotic food, ‘Tamilok’. Have you tasted one?

October 2012: Taking my Family for my Mom's Big Day at Palawan

October 2012: Taking my Family for my Mom’s Big Day at Palawan

A Nostalgic November 2012

For the month of November, we’ve gone back in time as we journeyed the heritage sites of Vigan and old Churches in Laoag. Then followed with an off road 4×4 adventure sand boarding at La Paz Sand Dunes and a Pagudpud Scenuic Tour.

November 2012: A Journey Back in Time in Ilocos - Vigan - Pagudpud

November 2012: A Journey Back in Time in Ilocos – Vigan – Pagudpud

An End of the World Year Ender in December

And to end the year this December, a grand Visayas Backpacking in Cebu – Siquijor – Negros – Bacolod – and Iloilo.

Backpacking in Cebu-Siquijor-Negros-Bacolod-Iloilo

Backpacking in Cebu-Siquijor-Negros-Bacolod-Iloilo

Fast isn’t it? I hope you guys have an amazing holiday season, and that, no matter what your dreams might be, they come true, too.

Thank you again—from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you to everyone who read my blog, and encouraged me to keep on posting.

Thank you to the wonderful friends and family I have who helped made my 2012 a success!

Some of you have wondered if I am going to post more travelogues, adventures, and misadventures. The answer is an unequivocal: YES! 🙂

Writing to help make our world a better place, as I have found, is highly addictive.

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to you all, as the case may be. Wishing you a wonderful and festive time with those you love.

Looking forward to many more adventures, discussion, and friendship with you all in the year to come!

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blogcarnival3001This is my First entry to Pinoy Travel Blogger’s Blog Carnival for December 2012,with the theme: “2012: This Year In Travel”.Hosted by Gay Mitra-Emami of Pinay Travel Junkie and Regine Camille Garcia of Between Coordinates

Bohol Loboc River Cruise

The Loboc River Cruise was part of our day tour around Bohol.

Bohol Loboc River Tour

Basically, what happens in the cruise is that for one hour, you’ll be riding on a boat and going around the Loboc River. Oh, and it comes with a buffet. The buffet costs 300php and there’s an entrance fee of 100php.

It was lunchtime and our boat was filled to its maximum capacity. Each table in the floating restaurant accommodate 10 people so 4 other passengers shared a table with me and my family. Once the buffet table was filled, people were asked to line up in batches.

A Feast for My Family

Sumptuous Lunch

As the boat takes off, the buffet begins. On the middle table all kinds of Philippine delicacies are presented, and while eating, you can enjoy the lush green landscape slowly sliding along your table. Continue reading