What to do in Siargao: Suggested Siargao Budget Itinerary

Below is the sample itinerary from our last trip to Siargao, for fellow adventurers who someday would like to visit the place. Hope it helps!


Day & Time Activity Est. Expenses
Fri 03 Aug Cebu to Siargao
09:15H-10:05H Mactan Cebu International Airport – Sayak Airport 200
Transpo from Sayak (airport) to General Luna 150 per head
Check in at Ocean 101 (600×3 nights)/2 persons 900
Island Tour SNORKELING & Island Hopping (Guyam, Daku and Naked Islands)
Get a boat for 1,500 Php (max 6 people) if you head down to General Luna pier 750
Lunch (Bread & Water) 30
Dinner at Ronaldo’s: 50
Sat 04 Aug
Surfing Lessons in Cloud 9 (P500 for surfing instructor + surfing board per hour) 2Hrs 1000
Sohoton Tour: Location: Socorro (Bucas Grande Island)
Rent pumpboat from General Luna to Sohoton – P4,000 (whole boat) island hopping tour of Bucas Grande P 4,000 / 5 = 800/head

PADDLE BOAT P500 per boat / group

TOUR GUIDE P330 per boat / group



6 php each
Points of Interest: Sohoton Cave, Lagoons & Jellyfish
Explore Sohoton Cave and learn about its biodiversity
Explore Lagoons – Free time for swimming
Jellyfish interaction
Bucas Grande Tour – Crystal cave, Buletas cave, Tiktikan lake
Dinner  at Ronaldo’s 75
OTHER OPTION Option A(Stay in Sohoton for overnight stay)Option B (Travel to Socorro to stay overnight)Boat for Siargao in next day is in Socorro so I think it’s convenient to head out there.

overnight stay in Socorro

Socorro Town Proper – Municipal Training Center (dorm type with shared room and bath for as low as 200 per night per pax)

Sea travel to Siargao Island ( P150 – P200 in 3 hrs )

Ready for early trip to Siargao the next day!

 Aug Countryside Tour: Inland Sights and Wonders 400
Sunday Mass at Del Carmen Church 6:30 am
Visit the plaza and municipal hall.
Hire a habal-habal for the Tour 800/2 = 400 per person
Magpopongko Natural lagoon, Taktak falls, Pansukian Resort and mangrove forest, and Tuason Pt.
Take a glance at Del Carmen’s more than 4,000 hectares of mangrove.
Rolling tour to San Benito and Santa Monica
Quick visit to Danjug Cave and a dip to Tak-tak Falls 15 entrance fee
Visit Pacifico Beach of San Isidro
Quick stop to Magpupungko of Pilar
Whole afternoon free time for activities: swim, relax, surf & sail
Dinner 50
Mon 06 Aug
Transpo from General Luna to Del Carmen (airport) 150
Airport terminal fee 10php
10:25 AM Depart Siargao Sayak Airport
11:15 AM Arrival at Mactan Cebu International Airport
TOTAL EXPENSES: 4,986php per person

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The above blog post is part of my surfing adventure series of posts in the Island of Siargao, the Philippines’ Surfing Capital that happened last August 2-6, 2012. | Wow! Siargao (Shar-gow): Three Islands HoppingSurfing at the Philippine’s Surfing Capital: Siargao IslandSiargao’s Enchanting Bucas Grande Sohoton Cave | Siargao Countryside Tour: Inland Sights and Wonders | What to do in Siargao: Suggested Siargao Budget Itinerary

Siargao Countryside Tour: Inland Sights and Wonders

Whole day of Rolling Siargao Island Countryside Tour aboard a rented habal-habal. You will get to know the local people, history, products, culture and their vernacular. Rolling tour in General Luna, Dapa, San Benito,Burgos, and Santa Monica. Stop at Del Carmen – one of the oldest settlements founded by the Spaniards in the cluster of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Take a glance at Del Carmen’s more than 4,000 hectares of mangrove. Visit Pacifico Beach of San Isidro and a quick stop to Magpupungko of Pilar. Quick visit to Danjug Cave and a dip to Tak-tak Falls.

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Siargao’s Enchanting Bucas Grande Sohoton Cave

After the surfing lessons we’ve prepared for our next adventure. This time we’ll be exploring the Enchanting Sohoton Cave!

Luckily we’ve meet new friends in Ocean 101 – Jay R, Michael and their African friend Jin. If not for them we probably won’t afford the P4,000 price of the boat ride going to Sohoton. Thank you Lord. 🙂

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Surfing at the Philippine’s Surfing Capital: Siargao Island

It’s my second day at Siargao, if you haven’t read the first part you could still visit here.

Photo from Philippine-travel-guide.com

The day started early. Wake up time is at 6am. By 7am we were already on the path towards my most awaited adventure here – my first ever SURFING EXPERIENCE.

Cloud 9 Boardwalk

Flicker Photo By asyzoom

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Wow! Siargao (Shar-gow): Three Islands Hopping

I was born in the sign of water
And it’s there that I feel my best
The albatross and the whales they are my brothers
It’s kind of a special feeling
When you’re out on the sea alone
Starin’ at the full moon like a lover
Time for a cool change…

– Goes one of my favorite songs…

One’s adventure is never enough until one reaches her favourite place. And for Adventuroj, that is none other than the ocean.  I’ve always been a beach  lover long before I could remember, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, and even sunrise and sunsets by the beach, these are just some of my favorite past times to relieve the stress of day to day daily routine.

That’s why I just couldn’t express my longingness for this next adventure of mine – Adventuroj Siargao experience!

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