Coffeecat (Davao): a Place to Chill, Chow, and Chat

So I’m on a quest to visit (and yes give a review) of most (if not all) of the coffee shops that had sprouted here in Davao City.

If you haven’t, you could check the list of coffee shops in Davao city that I’ve recently posted here.

So today I’ve got a chance to visit one of ’em, the Coffee Cat Coffee Shop.

Coffee Cat in Davao

Prior to my visit to this coffee shop, I’ve already read several write ups about it. Coffee Cat originally started here in Davao, however in July 2010 they also opened a branch in Cebu city.

And I have to say that most reviews I’ve stumbled upon are all giving the shop an excellent rating. Because of this I might just have set the bar too high or had expected too much.

Originally they used to have two branches here in Davao, so I chanced to visit the first one located in Torres Street. Apparently, the shop’s nowhere to be found and someone told us that it had already closed. oh well =(

Here’s an image of their previous branch in Torres anyway..

So moving on, me and my travel buddy went to the second branch near Sutherland (a popular call center here in Davao) along Quirino Avenue. And yes! Eureka! We found it!

Upon entering the coffee shop, I found the interior design inviting and modern, even reminded me of a coffee shop we used to stay to work way back in Vietnam.

Coffeecat in Davao

Coffeecat Menu

The coffee shop boasts a wide array of refreshing drinks and delicious food in their menu. You could choose from Coffeecat’s popular coffee variants, refreshing “Specialteas”, creamy milk tea varieties, and their famous blended drinks called Avalanche.

Coffeecat Menu

Avalanche is available in several variations. The one we’ve ordered Coffee Jelly Avalanche and Matcha.

They also serve yogurt smoothies that come in Tarty Mango, Strawberry Swing, Original Tart, and Green Tea flavors.

Coffee Jelly Avalanche

We also got to sample their Angry Harry – one of their best seller pastas. A taste of italian with some mix of spice and herbs!

Angry Harry

How about the WiFi / Internet Connection at Coffeecat?

Apparently, this is the one thing I’ve read from other blogs (recommending the shop for a ‘fast’ wifi) that I found extremely disappointing.

For someone who frequents coffee shops, mostly with a purpose to work (as you know I do work online) and at the same time chill away from our usual desks at home, there is nothing more heartbreaking than being able to find out that after you’ve ordered and everything else, you’re greeted with an unreliable not to mention s-l-o-o-o-w-w-w-w internet connection.

Oh well =;( at least I know now that this coffee shop is just one of those many that doesn’t offer a reliable wifi. What do you expect here in the Philippines anyway?

Perhaps I’ll just sit back and enjoy my coffee and food for now. Anyway, their food and drinks here are simply awesome and delicious! Happy eating!

List of Coffee Shops in Davao City

They say you can’t buy HAPPINESS,

but you can buy yourself a CUP OF COFFEE,

and that’s pretty much the same =)

So as my own way of sharing happiness, and for someone who just loves coffee (and a freelancer who tambays most often in coffee shops in search for fast wifi, hehe), here I am, compiling a list of all coffee shops in Davao city.

Davao Coffee Shops

I’ve also added some side comments for those with recommendations, must try, etc. This list will be constantly updated so feel free to add any coffee shop you knew that wasn’t mentioned here.

Those in BOLD are those I’ve often read with good reviews!

I’ll also be writing an individual blog post for those coffee shops I’ll find interesting. It is my wish to visit them ALL 😉 *wink

Coffee Shops in Davao City

Coffee Shops Davao

1. 128 Ostrich Steak Hauz & Coffee Shop – Airport View Tower, Catitipan
2. 51 Coffee Shop – Victoria Plaza Mall
3. Agong Cafe – Duterte St.
4. Au-Alit -Davao Doctors Hospital
5. Basti’s Brew – Legazpi St.
6. Basti’s Brew – Victoria Plaza Mall
7. Bigby’s Café – SM City
8. BluGre Café – Landco Corp. Tower [Must try: Durian Coffeeccino]
9. BluGre Café – Matina Town Square Mall [Open 24/7]
10. BluGre Café – SM City
11. Bo’s Coffee Club – SM City
12. Bo’s Coffee Club – Torres St. [Open 24/7]
13. Bogser’s Java & Jazz Coffee Shoppe – Bangkal, Davao City
14. Brew Crew’s Coffee House – Juan Luna St.
15. Brewedcasters Café – Car Park Building, G-Mall
16. Brewhaha – Davao
17. Brewtique – Bo. Obrero
18. Bruegger’s Café – Autoshop, Bajada
19. Bryan’s Grill & Café – Obrero
20. Café 54 – Victoria Plaza Mall
21. Café Andessa – Cabantian Road
22. Café Barcellis – J.P. Laurel Avenue
23. Café Breizh – The Venue Complex
24. Cafe Demitasse – F. Torres St [Must try: banoffee pie, creamy carbonara, moist chocolate cake, and mudslide frappe]
25. Cafe Firenzo – Damosa Market Basket [Must try: Lavazza cheesecake]
26. Cafe Firenzo – Quirino Ave
27. Café Juna – Juna, Matina
28. Café Marco – Marco Polo Hotel Davao
29. Café Palma Gil – Palma Gil St.
30. Café Uno – Waterfront Insular Hotel
31. Caffe Vivere – Mt. Apo St.
32. Calle Cinco Coffee – Roxas Avenue
33. Calle Cinco Coffee – Victoria Plaza Mall
34. Chicco Di Caffé – Poblacion District [Must try: Coffee Halo-Halo]
35. Claudes’ Café de Ville – Rizal St.
36. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – Abreeza
37. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – SM Lanang
38. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – The Peak, Gaisano Mall [RECOMMENDED FOR GOOD AMBIENCE]
39. Coffee Dream – Damosa Gateway Mall
40. Coffee Dream – DMSF
41. Coffee Dream – Market Basket
42. Coffee Dream – SM City
43. Coffee For Peace – Matina
44. Coffee Grounds by Golden Lion Dormitel – Roxas Blvd
45. Coffee Monster – Ilustre St.
46. Coffee Plus – Davao
47. Coffee Pod – Torres St.
48. Coffee Spot – C.M. Recto
49. Coffeecat – Jacinto Ext [Must try: Durian Tapioca, Avocado, Coconut, and Mango are just some of CoffeeCat’s Avalanche drink and Pearl Milk Tea variants]
50. Coffeecat – Sutherland Compound (Quirino)
51. Coffeecat – Torres Street – NOW CLOSED
52. Copa Bossa – Quimpo Boulevard
53. Corum Coffee Shop – Bajada
54. Cups and Lowercase – Torres St.
55. Darcy’s Place – Lapu-lapu cor. Sobrecarey Street
56. Davao Coffee Express – NCCC Mall Matina
57. Dayaw Coffee & Tea – SM Lanang [24/7]
58. Dulce Manos Café – Juan Luna St.
59. Fabulous 50’s Cafe – Crown Regency Hotel
60. Fagioli Coffee Club – Lanang
61. Fagioli Coffee Club – Quirino Ave.
62. Figaro – Chimes Mall Davao
63. Figaro – J.P. Laurel Ave, Bajada
64. Figaro – SM City
65. Fiscalizer Restaurant and Coffee Shop – Ponce Reyes Street corner D. Suazo Street
66. Formula Pete’s Café – Bajada
67. Gloria Jeans – Grand Regal Hotel
68. Green Coffee – F. Torres St, [Open 24/7] [Must try: Blueberry Ensaymada, Freeziccinos]
69. Green Coffee – J.P. Laurel Bajada Ave [24/7]
70. Green Coffee – Marfori Hts
71. Hazel Coffee Shop – Buhangin-Cabantian-Indangan Road
72. Hazel’s Café – Bajada
73. Hue Cafe – Ateneo Business Center
74. JavaJive – Quirino [24/7]
75. JavaJive – Wheels N More Drive, J.P. Laurel Ave, [24/7]
76. Jelly Citea – Juan Luna St. and Matina Town Square
77. Jose Rafael Fine Coffee – Lanang
78. K1 Coffee – Ecoland
79. K1 Coffee – Torres St.
80. Kalakoa Coffee Hut – 3/F Abreeza Corporate Center [RECOMMENDED FOR FAST WIFI]
81. Kamayo Café – Palma Gil St.
82. Kangaroo – Central Bank, Quirino St. [Must try: Kape Balos, a local version of the world’s most expensive coffee, Kopi Luwak, made from civet droppings]
83. Kape de Bohol – Jacinto St.
84. Karl’s Koffee Korner – Dacudao [24/7]
85. Karl’s Koffee Korner – SM
86. Karlo’s Coffee – Jack’s Ridge [Must try: Kape Marang, Durian Coffee Gelato, Mangosteen Frappuccino, Guyabano Coffee Freeze, and Kape Langka]
87. Kasagingan Kapehan – Torres St.
88. Koffie-pauze – Palmetto Place, Talomo
89. Kopi Roti – Jacinto St.
90. Le Grandeur Café – Grand Menseng Hotel
91. Miko’s Brew – Chavez St
92. Mini Air Dog Cafe – Mabini St, Poblacion District [RECOMMENDED: first dog-friendly cafe]
93. Mon Bebe Café – Chinatown
94. Mon Bebe Café – Lopez Jaena Street [Must try: authentic Italian coffee]
95. Mon Bebe Café – Seawall, Ecoland
96. Monster’s Café – Ilustre St.
97. Net Front & Coffee Shop – C.M. Recto
98. Nezz74 Café – Obrero
99. PeaceBuilders Community Café – University Avenue
100. Pia’s Café – Davao
101. Port Café – G-Mall
102. Pronto Mario – Sta. Ana Avenue
103. Purple Bean Coffee – Star Oil, Cabantian [RECOMMENDED FOR FAST WIFI]
104. Roadhouse Café – SM CIty
105. Rolls & Buns Bake House-Coffee Shop – Buhangin
106. Sarimanok Coffee Shop – Agdao
107. Scott & Cates Coffee Express – Doña Vicenta
108. Sea Green Cafe – Circumferential Rd, Poblacion District
109. SilverCup – Mt. Apo St.
110. SkyGo Cafe – Davao International Airport
111. SouthBrews – NCCC Mall Maa
112. Spro Coffee Shop – Gen. Luna St.
113. Starbucks Coffee – Abreeza Mall
114. Starbucks Coffee – SM City Ecoland
115. Starbucks Coffee – SM Lanang [RECOMMENDED FOR GOOD AMBIENCE]
116. Street Café – Juan Luna St.
117. Tata Benito’s A Whole Latte Love Coffee – J.P. Laurel Av.
118. Tata Benito’s A Whole Latte Love Coffee – World Palace
119. The Café Mediterranean – Sales St.
120. Tump Café – NCCC Mall
121. Turkish Coffee Shop – Bonifacio St.
122. Twosome Palace Coffee Club – Victoria Plaza Mall
123. Woodberry Cafe – (Beside The Paper Tree) Sta. Ana Avenue
124. Yellow Hauz / Coffee at Yellow Hauz – V. Mapa St, cor Mabini St [RECOMMENDED FOR GOOD AMBIENCE] [Must try: Chai Tea Latte,Wintermelon Milk Tea, or the Matcha Green Tea]
125. Zabadani Layered Coffee – Ponciano St., Davao City


126. Cafe Amoree – Damosa [Open 24/7]
127. Cafe Tavera – Avanceña St, Torres area

So what are you waiting for? Tara mangape ta!

12.21.12: The Day We Met a UFO at Ice Giants, Davao

Tonight is the night they say would end it all. And tonight is also the night me and my friends met the UFO.

Not the terrestrial body that you’re thinking. Wanna know what it is? Here goes…

Me and my friends originally planned to visit Manna tonight. It’s one of the brightest place here in Davao filled with colorful lights every Christmas Season. On our way, we decided to have a pit stop to fuel our growling tummies at Ice Giants, Damosa Branch, Damosa, DC.

The Stars at Damosa Walkway

Upon our entrance, we spent a few minutes cam hoarding first. Flashing smiles in various poses with the starry background.

Damosa Davao Walkway

Damosa Davao Walkway

A traveler without observation, is a bird without wings.. — at Damosa Gateway, Davao City

Damosa Davao Walkway

The Ice Giants Experience

We were welcomed by Sleeping Giants as we entered Ice Giants. This I find quite funny. But we didn’t mind, and proceeded inside.

The Sleeping Giants at Ice Giants

The Sleeping Giants at Ice Giants

Some more picture taking moments…

Ice Giants Damosa Davao City

Ice Giants Damosa Davao City

As the Giany Devours..

As the Giany Devours..

Ice Giants Damosa Davao City



Ordered what we want – A Pasta (Tuna Pesto and Creamy Carbonara) and Ice Cream for each of us.

The food arrived and we dig into it sumptuously.

Berry Strawberry at Damosa Davao

Berry Strawberry at Damosa Davao

Berry Strawberry’s good, stuffed with Cherries, Strawberries, Choco syrup, mallows and choco kisses.

Berry Strawberry at Damosa Davao

Berry Strawberry at Damosa Davao

Tuna Pesto

Tuna Pesto

The Carbonara tastes good but the Tuna Pesto I find a bit dry.

Creamy Carbonara

Creamy Carbonara

Mango Sundae

Mango Sundae

The UFO (Unidentified Floating Object)

As we were nearing the end of our meal, one of my friends noticed something in her Berry Strawberry Ice Cream.

Take a look at what it is.

The UFO - Unidentified Floating Object

The UFO – Unidentified Floating Object

We first spend some moments wondering what it is, me taking photos, them speculating the Unidentified Floating Object (UFO).

Then we finally called the waiter’s attention and asked, “Kuya ano ‘to?”


The UFO - Unidentified Floating Object at a Closer Look

The UFO – Unidentified Floating Object at a Closer Look

The waiter, obviously startled of what was found in the food and ashamed at the same time, almost stammering answered, “Cellophane (plastic) po ata Maam,” apologetically.

I could see in his face that he don’t know what to do, he even offered to prepare a new Berry Strawberry for my friend. But we refused, we were already bloated enough to take more.

We left the place with a different image of the place in our mind than we used to have. Probably an honest mistake, but I guess something that they should take as a lesson to learn from.

Reliving the Legends: Air Supply Live in Davao 2012

Finally! No words could explain how happy I am to witness the duo that made my heart sing and serenaded my childhood years performed live in front of me.

Yes, it’s Air Supply Live in Davao City. Indeed a once in a lifetime chance to see & hear them live! Surely not an opportunity I’ll simply pass on.

It’s been 4 years since the last time the duo singers performed here in the City. And now they’re back.

Air Supply is an Australian soft rock duo, consisting of Graham Russell as guitarist and singer-songwriter and Russell Hitchcock as lead vocalist. They had a succession of hits worldwide, including eight Top Ten hits in the United States, in the early 1980s. They formed in Mebourne,Australia in 1975 and have included various accompanying musicians and singers.

With their heavily orchestrated, sweet ballads, the Australian soft rock group Air Supply became a staple of early-’80s radio, scoring a string of seven straight Top Five singles. Air Supply, for most intents and purposes, was the duo of vocalists Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell; other members came through the group over the years, yet they only functioned as backing musicians and added little to the group’s sound. Hitchcock and Russell met while performing in a Sydney, Australia, production of Jesus Christ Superstar in 1976. The two singers formed a partnership and with the addition of four supporting musicians – keyboardist Frank Esler-Smith, guitarist David Moyse, bassist David Green, and drummer Ralph Cooper – Air Supply was born.

Below are some of my snapshots taken during the memorable night, held last November 20, 2012 at USEP Gym, Obrero, Davao City.

Until we meet again Air Supply!

Kadayawan Festival 2012: Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan


Prepare yourself for a parade of colors as energetic street dancers dressed in vibrant traditional garb of the indigenous peoples of Mindanao flooded the narrow streets of Davao City as it celebrated the 27th Kadayawan Festival during the weekend, August 17 to 19.

Kadayawan, dubbed “the festival of festivals” and “the king of festivals” in the country, is a thanksgiving celebration of the 10 Moro and Lumad tribes in the region for the year’s bountiful harvest. Kadayawan is derived from the Mandaya word “madayaw,” which means “good, valuable, superior, or beautiful.” The festival is structured as “the celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living.”

Kadayawan is a must see every 3rd week of the month of August yet, another year of good harvest and a treasure for all the tribes in Davao and so, it’s also a time to spend in thanking God for all the bountiful blessings for this year.

Themed “Ten Tribes One Vibe,” this year’s festival showcased the diverse color, culture, and unity of the 10 tribes that inhabit the city: Tausug, Matigsalog, Obu Manuvu, Maguindanaon, Bagobo Tagabawa, Sama, Bagobo Klata, Maranao, Ata and Kagan.

Let’s unveil the most awaited schedule for this year!

Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan

Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan is a people’s celebration and merriment through choreographed and theatrical street and dance-narrative competition anchored on indigenous tradition of festival celebration and continuously performed in major streets of Davao City. It is an open group competition of various groups, organizations, institutions or communities in Davao and Mindanao.

This year 20 contingents will compete + 1 non competing group will perform in the morning for the street dancing and in the afternoon during the grand ritual presentation;

Here’s the list of contingents for the street dancing competition:

1. Tribu Mapawa of Maragusan compostela Valey
2. Bolton elementarySchool
3. Naluponan, Tagugpo, Lupon davao Oriental
4. Sixto Babao elementary School
5. Talaingod Bobongan Dance Arts
6. Vicente Hizon Sr. elementary School
7. Bambad National high School
8. Atremio Loyola sinagtala Dance Ensemble
9, Notre Dame of Santo Nino
10. Tribu Kalibugan of Fatima elementary School
11. Indak Kabataan Performing Arts Guild of Digo, Davao del Sur
12. Jesus Soriano National High School
13 Mangudadatu Cultural Street Dancers
14. San Isidro elementary School of Buhangin
15. Mabuyok sa Mainit Cultural Troupeo Mainit Surigao del Norte
16. Teatro Catalunians
17. Kutawato Institute of Technology foundation
18 Santa Ana Performing Arts Guild
19 Lake Sebu
20 Cesario Villa-Abrille elementarySchool
21 Tribu Hamtong- SeniorCitizens Association of Agdao district (Non competing)

Kadayawan Festival 2012 Street Dancing Winners

Jesus Soriano High School of Davao’s Catalunan Grande and Bambad National High School in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat were declared champions in the competition’s city-based and open categories, respectively. Each won a half-million prize.

Here now is the full list of winners of the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan (streetdancing)competition for Kadayawan Festival 2012 of Davao City.

Open Category

4th Runner-up - P100,000
 Entry #5 - Talaingod Bobongan Dance Arts of Talaingod, Davao del Norte
3rd Runner-up - P200,000
 Entry#15 - Mabuyok sa Mainit Cultural Troupe from Mainit, Surigao del Norte
2nd Runner-up - P300,000
 Entry#17 - Kutawato Institute of Technology Foundation of Cotabato City
1st Runner-up - P400,000
 Entry #9 - Notre Dame of Sto. Niño of Sto. Niño, South Cotabato (Cheers for my fellow South Cotabatenos!)

Champion – P500,000
Entry #7 – Bambad National High School of Isulan, Sultan Kudarat Province (They also joined in South Cotabato’s T’nalak Festival and placed second after Sto. Nino bagged first place for the T’nalak Festival Kadsagayan A Lalan)

Davao-based Category

4th Runner-up - P100,000
Entry #14: San Isidro Elementary School of Buhangin

3rd Runner-up - P200,000
Entry #6: Vicente Hizon, Sr. Elementary School

2nd Runner-up - P300,000
Entry #10: Tribu Kalibugan of Fatima Elementary School

1st Runner-up - P400,000
Entry #18: Sta. Ana National High School

Champion - P500,000
Entry #20: Jesus Soriano National High School

Madayaw Dabaw!

Untitled Epilogue of Kadayawan 2012

Rambled Ramblings

Oh travel bug in me, awake me as I succumb to this atrocious animosity inside.

Tomorrow is but another major festival that I long to venture, I wish to ravel in the parade of colors, the distinct aura of this promise city.

Oh how I wish to chronicle every step of the way, every beat of the drum, on every click of my cam.

If only it is easier said than done.

Sharing the mystic beauty of this land is more than just a sour, unthought,  ramblings of this traveler in me.

I wish to tell you EVERYTHING.

All that there is about my beloved paradise, my second home, my Davao.

Oh how I love your city scrapers, the daily walks and talks, the buzzes and fuzzes, the tangled night life from almost all corners, the sweet smell of your bountiful harvest, the unforgettable scent of Durian, to hear the happy feets stomping on highway streets, amidst the populous joyous crowd.

Oh how I long to see every activity of yours. Document every bit and piece of it. If only I’ve started early, then there might be more to tell.

But hey, words are just words, it’s the experience that counts. And hey, I won’t be gone. You and me, we still have a long way to go. More chances for me to shout out your wonders for every wander.

So let me stop this rambling, need to doze of this sleepy head. Tomorrow is yet another day.

Oh Davao, happy to be here now.


This is Kadayawan 2012!

Davao Kadayawan Festival 2012 Activities