Coffeecat (Davao): a Place to Chill, Chow, and Chat

So I’m on a quest to visit (and yes give a review) of most (if not all) of the coffee shops that had sprouted here in Davao City.

If you haven’t, you could check the list of coffee shops in Davao city that I’ve recently posted here.

So today I’ve got a chance to visit one of ’em, the Coffee Cat Coffee Shop.

Coffee Cat in Davao

Prior to my visit to this coffee shop, I’ve already read several write ups about it. Coffee Cat originally started here in Davao, however in July 2010 they also opened a branch in Cebu city.

And I have to say that most reviews I’ve stumbled upon are all giving the shop an excellent rating. Because of this I might just have set the bar too high or had expected too much.

Originally they used to have two branches here in Davao, so I chanced to visit the first one located in Torres Street. Apparently, the shop’s nowhere to be found and someone told us that it had already closed. oh well =(

Here’s an image of their previous branch in Torres anyway..

So moving on, me and my travel buddy went to the second branch near Sutherland (a popular call center here in Davao) along Quirino Avenue. And yes! Eureka! We found it!

Upon entering the coffee shop, I found the interior design inviting and modern, even reminded me of a coffee shop we used to stay to work way back in Vietnam.

Coffeecat in Davao

Coffeecat Menu

The coffee shop boasts a wide array of refreshing drinks and delicious food in their menu. You could choose from Coffeecat’s popular coffee variants, refreshing “Specialteas”, creamy milk tea varieties, and their famous blended drinks called Avalanche.

Coffeecat Menu

Avalanche is available in several variations. The one we’ve ordered Coffee Jelly Avalanche and Matcha.

They also serve yogurt smoothies that come in Tarty Mango, Strawberry Swing, Original Tart, and Green Tea flavors.

Coffee Jelly Avalanche

We also got to sample their Angry Harry – one of their best seller pastas. A taste of italian with some mix of spice and herbs!

Angry Harry

How about the WiFi / Internet Connection at Coffeecat?

Apparently, this is the one thing I’ve read from other blogs (recommending the shop for a ‘fast’ wifi) that I found extremely disappointing.

For someone who frequents coffee shops, mostly with a purpose to work (as you know I do work online) and at the same time chill away from our usual desks at home, there is nothing more heartbreaking than being able to find out that after you’ve ordered and everything else, you’re greeted with an unreliable not to mention s-l-o-o-o-w-w-w-w internet connection.

Oh well =;( at least I know now that this coffee shop is just one of those many that doesn’t offer a reliable wifi. What do you expect here in the Philippines anyway?

Perhaps I’ll just sit back and enjoy my coffee and food for now. Anyway, their food and drinks here are simply awesome and delicious! Happy eating!