The Unique Badekbek Sulfur Spring

As part of our Mt Pulag Adventure, after the hike we found ourselves in a bonus tour around Benguet.

First stop is the Badekbek Sulfur Spring.

Trek to Badekbek

Trek to Badekbek


The sulfuric bubbling muddy hot spring

The sulfuric bubbling muddy hot spring

Badekdek Sulfur Springs in Benguet

It is a potential natural attraction found in Daclan, also known as Daclan Hot Spring.

It is a sulfuric bubbling muddy hot spring, hence the name “Badekbek”.

Badekbek Hot Spring

Badekbek Hot Spring

The smoke and sulfuric scent emitted could be seen and smelled from a distance. The hot water from the spring is believed to have some therapeutic effects.



It is situated two kilometers away from the Bokod-Kabayan national road and is accessible to vehicle transport.


By public or private transport, it is two hours ride from Baguio City.

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