Biggest Bohol Python Snake named Prony

Prony Largest Python Captivity found in Bohol

Python Sanctuary

Bohol is indeed encumbered with spectacular and panoramic tourist spots and who would expect that Prony, the world’s largest python in captivity, of Alburquerque, Bohol would attract lots of the sightseer to visit this bountiful province. This 300-kilo giant python dwells on specially-made cage and it is incredible to know that Prony lives in it together with birds and lemur yet this feared creature has never harmed any of them. Prony only eats what is fed to her by the caretaker, typically goats, pigs, dogs and chicken.

Adventuroj at the Python Sanctuary

Here’s a cute clothing made out of snake skin.

Snake Skin Swimwear

Other animals are also present at this mini zoo.

Philippine Eagle

What are these birds?

Look Inside!

The Fiercest of them all!

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4 thoughts on “Biggest Bohol Python Snake named Prony

  1. The animals in this small zoo are kept in poor conditions. The snake has one small branch to hang on, and otherwise it appears there is no mental stimulus or exercise for her, just a concrete and wire cage. The birds do not have room to fly and have wire perches that are too small for their feet, and their water was foul. As far as I’m aware, these animals are not rescued, so they are most likely stolen from the wild. I would discourage giving this zoo money through your entrance fee.

  2. 1. Can you tell me exactly what city and location Prony is in?
    2. can you actullly touch the snake?
    3. can i get my picture taken beside the smake?

    please let me know ASAP. I am in bohol right now and want to see her if i can.


  3. are there any prove that they really feed dogs to the snake?

    i dont belive it cause over all the years there are so many videos of giant snakes that they calling be feeded with dogs but never ever someone recording a feeding.

    cant belive that no one tape such a impressive thing like this amazing big snake swallow her huge meal.

    so for me the dog thing is just to take attention and absolute fake!

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