Fun Things To Do In European Cities

Europe is a big place, and its limitless possibilities can be somewhat dizzying if you’re planning a trip. Having some general things to look for can help focus your trip to the continent and give you a direction, though, which is why we wrote up this little guide.

From historic tours to nightlife ideas, these are some of the most entertaining things you can find to do in most major European cities.

Exploring Museums

Exploring Museums Louvre

Different vacations have different priorities.

If you’re in a European city, for instance, chances are you’re not just bumming on the beach (though there are some fantastic places to soak up the sun!). And while they may seem dull to some who prefer a faster pace, museums often end up being a priority.

The museums in major European cities are rather spectacular, and contain art and artifacts you won’t find anywhere else. Seeing them in person, if you have even the slightest appreciation for such things, takes your breath away.

The Mona Lisa at the Louvre, the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum in London, and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel at Vatican City (which, one could argue, is one giant museum) are just some examples of the impressive relics from history that are entirely worth your time on a European vacation.

Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel

Make it a priority to set foot in these famous houses of history.

Touring Old Buildings

Some of the most ancient places in western history are still standing in Europe, and are absolute musts for people traveling and looking for things to do.

Connecting with some of the oldest and most spectacular places on the continent makes you feel a sense of awe that you can’t really get anywhere else (even in a great museum).

Stonehenge in England

We might suggest a few highlights like Stonehenge in England (even if it’s not technically a building), the Colosseum in Rome, or the Parthenon in Greece. But the truth is that even beyond these remarkable monuments to the history of civilization, there are all sorts of wondrous historical sites littered around Europe.

Parthenon in Greece

Checking Out Live Casinos

Getting a sense of history and culture is a wonderful part of traveling to Europe, but you’ll want to seek out some fun too!

In this regard, it’s always good to find good nightlife, and in many European cities that include casinos. The UK and Ireland put out a lot of online casino games, to the point that digital slots and poker rooms comprise Europe’s main association with casino entertainment.

casinos night

But many of the big cities – Dublin, London, Lisbon, and Monte-Carlo to name just a few – still have excellent casinos that make for terrific nights out. You can have fun with the games even if you don’t want to bet too much, and there are generally bars, gourmet dining options, and live entertainment as well. It’s hard to beat all of that in one place!

Enjoying Progressive Dinners

When you’re on vacation you have a limited number of meals to eat, so you’ll never be able to see all the award-winning restaurants or historic pubs in any given city. If you make an effort, though, you can see more than most people by eating progressive dinners.

Start your meal off with drinks at a pub you want to see; follow it with an entree at a noteworthy restaurant; and relax with coffee and dessert at a third location that captures your interest.

Enjoying Progressive Dinners.jpg

If you follow this method, you’ll be able to try out more fantastic eateries than if you only visit one at every meal. For example, if you’re in Prague, try drinks at the famous Hemingway Bar, before moving on to Spices for dinner and the Eska bakery for coffee and dessert. It might sound a little tedious, but it’s actually a ton of fun.

Any trip to a European city will end up being packed of your own favorite things to do. And to be sure, each city is different. Broadly speaking though, these tips should help ensure that you don’t miss out on some of the basic charms that make so many of these cities so special.

Patio Pacific Boracay Hotel Review: A Paradise Worth Visiting

It must have been quite some time since I’ve last visited my blog. Must have been caught up with a lot of things that made me forget how to write, but not forget how to travel.

For all these months that I’ve been gone, I’ve still been travelling – a lot.

So a few weeks ago I found myself coming back once again (for the nth time) to Boracay.

While looking for a good quality, topnotch hotel with a good location but not one that is expensive, I came across Patio Pacific Boracay. Upon reading reviews from Trip Advisor, I found out it’s one of the most recommended hotels in Boracay. One that is totally worth your money.

Patio Pacific Hotel Review

Patio Pacific started in 1990 as the 8 room Pink Patio. Today it is one of the premier resorts of Boracay, with 66 deluxe rooms and suites, large swimming pool, full gym, wall climbing, chill out lounge, videoke song bar, wellness massage center, and full restaurant and bar.

Patio Pacific Hotel

Located in Station 1 Boracay Island, Philippines, the resort is non-beachfront but is only 2-3 minutes walk to the 3.5 kilometer long white beach and just a 5-10 minutes walk to Station 2 D’Mall area where there are various restaurants and shops.

boracay paradise hotel

The resort has won several awards for its hospitality and services, including the E3 award (Excellence in Ecology and Economy) of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and the Kalakbay award of the Department of Tourism. Continue reading

Sizzling Escapes to Spain

Spain holidays have been a family favourite with British holidaymakers for years; attracting tourists back year after year with its sandy beaches and familiar British themed bars and restaurants. Some of the beaches in Spain are a haven for watersports with activity holidays being popular. There are many resorts dotted up and down the coast from small quaint fishing harbours to large, lively resorts, whether you’re after a relaxing beach break or a fun-packed adventure, you won’t be disappointed with a trip to sunny Spain. For some great Thomas Cook holiday offers from the world’s best-known name in travel, take a look at:

Don’t be fooled by Spain’s partying exterior and busy beaches. Yes, there’s a lot to shout about with the modern holiday resorts but behind the mask is a past rich in history and culture. Andalucia is a colourful mix of traditional flamenco, white-washed hilly villages and grand palaces. Catalonia is a picturesque town with its rugged coastline and inland, rolling green hills. For more culture and sights, Spain’s capital, Madrid is centrally located and full of museums, stunning architecture and a wealth of cafés and eateries.

The Costas are a popular choice for holidaymakers boasting fantastic beaches and family-friendly resorts. The most popular are Costa Dorada, Costa Blanca or Costa Del Sol, each offering glorious golden beaches, plenty of shops, bars and restaurants and many attractions such as water parks, animal centres and fun adventure parks; the little ones will be entertained all holiday. And of course, there are some great Thomas Cook holiday offers to take advantage of when you book online.

Marbella is the place to go for an up-market ‘mingle with the stars’ type getaway! With its impressive harbour lit up with trendy wine bars and eateries, you can sip cocktails whilst enjoying the stunning views. Situated in Malaga, sitting on a beautiful bay, the historic part of Marbella combines white-washed houses with orange groves and quaint cobbled streets. This place is a haven for golf lovers, with courses enjoying sea views from one direction and the breath-taking mountain scenery from the other. With a wealth of sports, spas and leisure activities on offer here as well as beautiful beaches and an exclusive party scene, it’s no wonder Marbella is the place to be!

Annual vs Single Trip Insurance

If you’re planning a holiday abroad, you should have considered travel insurance, if you haven’t already got it covered. Travel insurance comes in many different formats, and one that you will almost certainly have come across is based on frequency. There are two main classifications – single trip and annual trip – and the one you choose will very much depend on how often you go away during any given year.

Let’s start with annual insurance. Annual travel insurance, also known as multi trip insurance, is designed for those who take multiple holidays per year. Annual cover is usually arranged over a 12-month period, and it provides cover for any trips that take place within that timeframe. It makes life much easier and means that you’re covered all year round, so that’s one less thing to think about next time you go away. Of course it only covers standard trips as described within your policy, so remember that if you take a special or unusual trip, you’ll need to remember to add extra features to your policy. For instance, if your annual insurance only covers you for European destinations and you decide to travel to Australia, you’ll need to top it up. Equally, don’t forget to add winter sports cover if you decide to go skiing.

The alternative to annual travel insurance is single trip insurance. This is ideal for those who barely go away at all, and who aren’t planning to travel abroad again within the next year or so. If you can be certain that you’re not going to travel again within the next 12 months, a single trip policy should provide an adequate level of cover and provide the most cost-effective option too. Otherwise, if you’re in any doubt, consider upgrading to annual cover. It shouldn’t cost too much more and it could save you the cost – and the hassle – of taking out another single trip policy further down the line.

Accommodating your Teens on the Next Ski Holiday

It’s never easy going on holiday with hormonal teens. Whether you think they’ll love the break or not, they’re bound to want to spend more time on their own rather than losing their street cred hanging about with their parents. We’ve all been there – we know that as a teenager, a holiday is awesome but a little bit of “me time” wouldn’t go amiss.

The same applies to ski holidays. Despite the fact that parents are super cool if they love the thrills of skiing, a teen will still hope that their style doesn’t get cramped. While Austrian ski holidays are an incredible option for a winter break, making sure that there’s enough for your teens to do to keep them happy will mean the difference between happy faces and adolescent strops. Luckily, whether you choose to ski Austria or beyond, there are plenty of ideas for you to consider.

First of all, research the various resorts so that you book one that suits them as well as you. Resorts that may have been perfect in previous years may not be nowadays, so adapt to suit. Keep an eye out for off-piste and après ski activities – a cinema, teen-friendly bars, tubing or a bowling alley, for example.

Choose a ‘trendy’ resort that they will be all too happy to brag about to their mates – one where other teens are likely to be who they can hang out with, without their ‘uncool’ parents. Pedestrianised resort centres are ideal for this, because you won’t have to worry too much about where they are or how they’re going to get back.

Let them choose their own ski gear. While younger kids wouldn’t care what they’re dressed in, teens do. Introduce them to the cooler brands like Roxy and O’Neill – you can pick up some great bargains in the end-of-season sales so you won’t have to spend over the odds.

Make sure you look for snow parks too – whether your kids are boarders or skiers, snow parks are a fantastic way to keep them out of mischief, in the vicinity of like-minded teens.

Most of all, don’t stress too much! The more laidback you are, the more your sulky teen will be inclined to spend time with you!

Holidays in Magaluf: Epic Events and Daytime Debauchery

A few things spring to mind when the phrase ‘holidays in Magaluf’ is muttered; neon nights, plenty of unapologetic party rocking, and some seriously shameful shenanigans – that’s just how things go down in the party capital of the Balearics.

It goes without saying that when you’ve saved up your spends for a wicked week in the sun, you’re eager as beaver to get to sunnier climes and get the carnage started. Just over an hour away from the UK, you’ll be in Magaluf faster than it took for Cheryl Cole’s Stateside dreams to die.

You need to know it’s gonna be worth it, and booking with a clubbing holiday company gives you the best bet at a barmy break abroad. Get your mates round and look at Club 18-30 Holidays in Magaluf ( As well as expert advice on the area, you’re in for some real perks with your package, from clubbing wristbands, free entry, cheap drinks and tons of epic events.

There’s a ton to do in the day in Magaluf. Luckily, the resort and its neighbour, Palma Nova, cater for all kinds of capers, and have a waterpark, aquarium and off-road rallying excursions. As if that wasn’t enough, blue flag beaches, watersports, and the Red Lion Boat Party (a la The Inbetweeners Movie) should be enough to keep your daytime debauchery on top form.

Although don’t be distracted, spend your days chillaxing, and get ready for some serious sessions once the sun falls. Mallorca Rocks, School Discos, Silent Arenas, Paint Glow Parties and the infamous Pirates Reloaded are on hand to challenge even the most daring of diehard disco freaks.

All that, and then BCM – you know you have to. A Club 18-30 package will get you free entry into a handful of clubs, as well as the option of upgrading to a free bar package from midnight onwards.

#Magaluf2013 Oh yes, my friends.

Great Deals on Gorgeous Getaways

If you’re planning to go away this year but you’re hoping to get a little help with the cost, you’re in luck. Thanks to the booming package holiday market, which is home to a rich variety of holidays covering virtually every type of getaway imaginable, you’re never too far from a great deal or a money-saving discount to help make your getaway that little bit easier.


Let’s say you’ve got exotic getaways on the agenda, and you’re hoping to find Goa holidays this year. It’s certainly not the cheapest location to get to, and you won’t find anything quite as cheap as a weekend in Benidorm – but you can still enjoy a good discount by taking some time to carry out your holiday search. Firstly, look for late deals. Usually, when you look for holidays departing within the next few weeks, you’ll find that the prices have been reduced to try and sell off those last few packages. This is a great time to look for bargains and, although availability is limited, providing you’re as flexible as possible with your search criteria you can snap up some wonderful savings.

Ideally, look for holidays that depart within school term time. This won’t work well for those looking for family holiday deals, but for other types of holidays, travelling outside of the school holidays can significantly reduce the cost of your getaway.

Another great way to secure a discount is to look for early bird deals. When you book well in advance, such as a year or more before your chosen departure date, you will often be privy to some great early bird discounts advertised by various tour operators. What’s more, by booking in advance you will have longer to pay off the cost of the holiday – plus you’ll have more time to save some spending money, meaning you’ve got more to play with once you get there.

A Guide to Cruise Ship Categories

With several categories of cruise, and, of course, a little overlap, it can sometimes cause bewilderment when looking into the cruising options that could fit into your budget. Whether you’re hoping to find a Royal Caribbean cruise that will appeal to all the family aboard the Radiance of the Seas or one of the 14-night luxury cruises on deck Silversea line, understanding the difference between cruise options is the first step towards choosing the ideal line for your needs.

With mega-ships such as the Royal Caribbean line, including the Oasis of the Seas that holds over 3000 passengers and smaller ships to suit a niche luxury market, there’s something for everybody wishing to sail the ocean.

The gargantuan mega-ships are usually considered the mainstream, basic liners, although as far as terminology goes, they are far from basic. The facilities are extensive, with plenty to keep you busy during the seafaring days, while the informal atmosphere will ensure that you can feel right at home. The cabins are usually on the space-saving side, although you can opt for more luxury berths as upgrades if you wish. Food and service is basic and the atmosphere is more fun-filled than glamorously refined.

Premium ships, such as the Celebrity lines, offer much of what the mainstream liners provide, but with a little refinement. Their ships tend to be slightly smaller, with a little more care and exclusivity added to the service. You can expect larger rooms and consistently good service, too.

Luxury lines such as Silversea and Regent Seven Seas have all-inclusive offers, including shore excursions and pre-cruise hotels, making this luxury option better than ever, excelling in areas such as service, gourmet food provision and high-end amenities. If you have the spare cash to reflect the naturally hefty price tag, a luxury cruise will ensure that you experience nothing less than an incredibly elegant stay.

Whether its 7-night basic sails or 14-night luxury cruises you are looking for, there will be a cruise to suit you. Research your options for a memorable trip.