Sibadan Fish & Turtle Cage, Surigao del Sur

Third Stop:

Our third stop involves a fish farm with a “huge” aquarium where they catch and place small fishes in it. When their fish give birth, their fry can actually get out of the “aquarium nets” and out to “the real world” since their holes are big. I give a thumbs up to this give and take process!

Sibadan means “eating place” and “fish” thus the name of this house slash huge aquarium in the middle of the sea. Just a few minutes from Enchanted River, Sibadan Fish Cage is a popular stopover for visitors in the area. Situated in the middle of the sea, pumpboats are hired to reach this place where you can catch, cook and eat fresh seafood. Several kinds of fish (all sizes) and other seafood (like crabs and lobsters) are found here. You may opt to buy fresh fish and have it cooked or you can try fishing yourself for P200/ kilo. Sibadan also offers rooms for those who would like to stay for the night.

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If you’re wondering how it feels to live in a fish cage and swim with the fishes, wonder no more as this area also allows swimming inside the “aquarium”.

Adventuroj Swimming Adventure inside the Fish Cage


  • P5.00 entrance fee
  • P100 1/4 kilo of danggit (small fish that is salted and dried) – tried and recommend this!
  • P200/ kilo (when you fish yourself – no matter what kind)
  • P20/ kilo/ style of cooking


There are a few rooms available if you want to stay for the night. Rooms may be rented for P250.00 for up to 4 people.


From Manila, fly to Butuan City (Agusan del Norte) and find your way (via jeep, bus or private van) to Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. If you’re taking public transportation, ask to be dropped off at the Hinatuan terminal and from there, get a habal-habal (motorcycle, P35.00/head/one way) to go to Enchanted River. From Enchanted River, ride a pumpboat (P160/ hour per boat) going to Sibadan Fish Cage.


Mercy and Edel Barrios (owners) – +63926 3401695

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