Sarangani Bay Fest 2013 : The Biggest Beach Festival in Mindanao

Sarangani Bay Festival

It’s summertime once again and yes, it’s time to head to the beach – and party all day long!

But what if you have a chance to go to this year’s BIGGEST BEACH FESTIVAL IN MINDANAO?! Would you dare miss it?

I’m sure you won’t.

So why wait any longer? Come and save these dates for the Sarangani Bay Festival 2013 in the white sands of Gumasa Beach shore in Glan, Sarangani Province.

Sarangani Bay Fest 2013 Schedule

Sarangani Bay Festival

Stay tune here for more updates on the event and schedule of activities. Or you may head on to the Facebook Page of Sarangani Bay Fest!

See you!

Bangsi Festival 2013: Schedule of Activities

After the Hinugyaw Festival in Koronadal and the Festive Fluvial Parade in General Santos City, the fun’s not yet ending – for we still have the festival with flying colors in Maitum, ‘flying’ literally because of the star of their festival, the ‘flying’ fish, better known as Bangsi ; hence the name Bangsi Festival.

About Maitum, Sarangani Province

Maitum Municipal Hall

Nature. Adventure. Culture. History and Heritage. Maitum is Sarangani’s cradle of civilization. Its rich history as well as astounding archeological finds, blended with some of the Philippines’ best beaches, waterfalls, distinct biodiversity, mountain ranges, crystal clear rivers make Maitum truly a gem of the Celebes.

And did I mention that I am also a proud local and Ilokano from Maitum? Yes, you could trace my roots there for my father and my grandparents came from this beautiful place. I guess it is also evident that its people is as beautiful as the place. *wink.

Adventuroj Roots at Maitum ; me with my father and grandfather ^^,

Adventuroj Roots at Maitum ; me with my father and grandfather ^^,

This year the town of Maitum will be celebrating its 6th Bangsi Festival. But wait, you may ask, why the name ‘Bangsi’?

What is Bangsi Festival?

This festival celebrates the abundance of fish locally known as “Bangsi” (flying fish), a delicacy that is unique in Maitum in the Province of Sarangani.

The Star of the Festival: The Bangsi

The Star of the Festival: The Bangsi

Women’s organization as well as enterprising individuals had been producing “marinated bangsi”, flying fish which were half-dried on the sun and marinated with local spices.

A local woman threading her net  in preparation for the catch

A local woman threading her net in preparation for the catch

The Bangsi Festival celebrates a year round abundant catch that made dried fish a thriving industry in the locality.

Fishermen in pursue of the Bangsi

Fishermen in pursue of the Bangsi

Sugba-sugba sa Bangsi sa Kadalanan

One of the highlights of the festival is the Sugba-sugba sa Bangsi sa Kadalanan. During this event streets will be filled with local folks lined while grilling a ton of Bangsi for everyone who wants to taste this sumptuous delicacy.

Street Dancing Competition

The festival also features a festive street dancing parade performed by representatives coming from different schools. Dance themes portray marine life and the dancers wear colorful costumes symbolizing life in the sea.

Bangsi Festival Schedule of Activities

This year’s festival will fall on January 24 and 25, 2013, with the Theme: “Treasuring Maitum’s Pride”.

Here are the sequence of events in the festivity.

Bangsi Schedule 2013

January 24, 2013 –

4am to 11am

  • Rudes Elem. School
  • Fun Run
  • Zumba sa Kadagatan
  • Opening Program
  • Launching of Photo Safari
  • Contest/Introduction
  • Hawaiian Dance Contest
  • Sand Sculpture
  • Lumba, Bugsay/Langoy
  • Marinated Bangsi Preparation
  • Bangsirit (Bangkarera)


  • Maitum SME’s Showcase
  • Trade Fair
  • Bangsi Triathlon
  • Bangsi Master Chef


  • Munting Mutya ng Maitum

January 25, 2013 –

8am to 11am

  • Municipal Gym (Front of Municipal Hall)
  • Parade
  • Culmination Program
  • Drum & Lyre Competition
  • Sugba Sugba og Bangsi sa Kadalanan


  • JLC
  • Bangsiyawan
  • Slowest Drag Race
  • Tulak Race


  • Disco & Live Band
Family Portrait with the Bangsi last Christmas 2012

Family Portrait with the Bangsi last Christmas 2012

So will I expect to see you there?