Patio Pacific Boracay Hotel Review: A Paradise Worth Visiting

It must have been quite some time since I’ve last visited my blog. Must have been caught up with a lot of things that made me forget how to write, but not forget how to travel.

For all these months that I’ve been gone, I’ve still been travelling – a lot.

So a few weeks ago I found myself coming back once again (for the nth time) to Boracay.

While looking for a good quality, topnotch hotel with a good location but not one that is expensive, I came across Patio Pacific Boracay. Upon reading reviews from Trip Advisor, I found out it’s one of the most recommended hotels in Boracay. One that is totally worth your money.

Patio Pacific Hotel Review

Patio Pacific started in 1990 as the 8 room Pink Patio. Today it is one of the premier resorts of Boracay, with 66 deluxe rooms and suites, large swimming pool, full gym, wall climbing, chill out lounge, videoke song bar, wellness massage center, and full restaurant and bar.

Patio Pacific Hotel

Located in Station 1 Boracay Island, Philippines, the resort is non-beachfront but is only 2-3 minutes walk to the 3.5 kilometer long white beach and just a 5-10 minutes walk to Station 2 D’Mall area where there are various restaurants and shops.

boracay paradise hotel

The resort has won several awards for its hospitality and services, including the E3 award (Excellence in Ecology and Economy) of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and the Kalakbay award of the Department of Tourism. Continue reading

Descent and the Night Life in Boracay, Philippines

After 6 long hours of travelling from Iloilo to Caticlan, finally we arrived at the Jetty Ferry Port. Here we are going to ride a ferry going to the Island of Boracay. We then paid the following fees:

Boracay Fees

Caticlan Ferry Port

Boracay greeted us with fierce and angry waves

Where to Stay in Boracay?

I’ve always planned my itineraries ahead and book for the trips’ accommodations in advance. However this time it had been a hard time for me looking for affordable places to stay in Boracay (as this had already been a place for tourists and most accommodations are dollars hehe), luckily I found Villa Lourdes at Station 2.

Conveniently located at the heart of Boracay, walking distance from the popular D’Mall in Boracay, near supermarkets, and of course the beach front. The place is like an apartment style where you get to have your own kitchen. Good for us since it’s not a peak season it’s as if we’ve rented the whole house for ourselves alone.

The owner had been very accommodating, even provided us with a ‘sundo’ and a discount! You may contact him at:

Where to Eat Cheap in Boracay?

And if you’re looking for a cheap place to eat, look no more. Dine in this affordable Smoke Restaurant (Andoks) located in Balabag, Station 2, Boracay. Here you’ll have a myriad of choices, from fried chickens, lechon manok, silog meals, sinigang, etc.

And believe me, the food is really delicious! I particularly love their Sinigang.. just the perfect ‘asim’!

Night Life in Boracay

After filling up our tummies, we spend the entire night around the lively and lovely island. Here is where life begins at night.

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