Iloilo – Boracay Roadtrip (v. Roxas – Capiz – Aklan – Kalibo)

Getting Around Iloilo Airport

Upon our arrival at Iloilo airport, we headed to the tourism office inside to inquire about the usual range and mode of transportation from the airport going to the city or to other destinations such as Boracay. We were informed that we could take either of the following:

  • Going to Boracay (Caticlan) via Public Transportation
    • Ride a Metered taxi (perhaps the cheapest) – range from 300/taxi from the airport going to the city to Ceres Bus Terminal
    • Ride a Bus from Iloilo going to Caticlan (6 hours trip) Php325/head
  • Hire a van direct from airport to Caticlan (easiest but can be expensive) Php 4,500/van

Lucky for us for when we were about to give up our quest for haggling a cheaper rent for a van and just opt for the public transpo by bus, we found another group of 6 that would also be going to Boracay so we decided to just get a van (all 12 of us divided by the Php4,500) which means we only get to spend around 375php/head. Wow!

***However be aware that some of the tour services (like the one we got) fooled us into believing that the very comfy and big van that we used from the airport to the city will be the one used in going to Caticlan. We were surprised to find out that upon arrival in their terminal in the city, they transferred us into another vehicle (still a van but smaller and perhaps smellier).

Of course this enraged us, until they finally gave up and just provided us with the vehicle that we wanted. I’m thankful that there are 12 heads complaining, what if there were less? For sure they probably won’t allow.

Anyway, we started our 6-hour journey. Below are some of the snapshots I’ve taken while we were on the road, passing by the various provinces.

Iloilo City

Capiz Province


And yes, I love the weather. Cold, wet, rainy, with a smell of lemon dew. Makes me wanna sing … I’ll do my blogging in the rain…

The above blog post is part of my Iloilo – Guimaras – Kalibo – Boracay Adventure series of posts that happened last September 27-30, 2012.  To read more the rest of the series, click on the following links: | Boracay Family Trip via Iloilo | Iloilo – Boracay Roadtrip  |  | Descent and the Night Life in Boracay, Philippines | Exploring the Mystique Crystal Cove Cave | Snorkeling and Fish Feeding at Boracay  | Boracay Helmet Diving Underwater Exploration! | Beach Bumming at Boracay | City Strolling and Malling at Kalibo | Exploring the White Islands of Boracay Adventuroj Guimaras Island Tour

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