Snorkeling and Fish Feeding at Boracay

Boracay is an island of many possibilities, famous not only for its postcard-perfect White Beach, but also the wealth of recreation and entertainment options it offers. A many of these activities revolve around the clear blue ocean, with snorkelling ranking high with the island’s visitors.

Snorkelling is one of the more popular activities in the island, especially for families since it is the easiest way to discover the wonders under the sea. With the right snorkelling techniques and equipment, you will enjoy sightseeing under the pristine waters of the island.

There are many great places to snorkel around Boracay, especially near its beautiful beaches where undisturbed marine life can be admired.

Feeding the fish bread is fun, but the reef is not the best i’ve seen in the philippines. The waters here are a bit murky compared to other snorkeling sites I’ve seen (Davao’s Talicud Island and Panglao are even better). The current can get strong so you may need to hold onto the boat or a rope to avoid being swept off, but it’s a fun time.

After tiring yourself with snorkeling, what perfect way to replenish yourself than by drinking fresh coconut. And how would you do that when you are a couple of hundred meters away from the shore? Well, they bring you the coconut instead, that’s how! A couple of vendors paddled around the snorkeling area with a small boat (or surfboard?) full of probably up to 20 coconuts. Now that’s entrepreneurship!

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