Exploring the Mystique Crystal Cove Cave

First stop for our island hopping is the popular Crystal Cove Island.

Crystal Cove is a park on Laurel Island that have walk paths leading you to different picnic areas overlooking an uninterrupted panoramic view of awe-inspiring crystal blue waters of South China Sea.

Crystal Cove Island (used to be Tiguatian Island) in the Philippines is a wonderful island with white beaches and crystal blue water. It is just a short banca boat ride off the Coast of Boracay Island and the mainland port Caticlan.

It also has areas perfect for rejuvenating and relaxing. Trekking can be fun with abundant choices of photo op spots for that perfect panoramic postcard shot to take home.

What’s special with the crystal cove aside from the beach & the mini-zoo, are the two caves, where the Sibuyan Sea flushes its waves into.

Crystal Cove Cave 1

The first cave is found in the middle of the island which opens directly to the sea. There are stairs that lead you to some crystal formations and incredible turquoise waters created by the limestone.

The motion that the waves make as it enters this little cove, earned it its name, of Little tsunami. On calm days, you could easily swim out of its mouth, but on windy days, when the waves can be really rough, you are better off holding on to the ropes they have provided, for safety purposes, to keep you from being swept away or much worse, be bashed on the rocks.

Crystal Cove Cave 2

The second cave is a much larger cave which gradually leads to a tunnel that you have to crouch through, and leads to another cave pool. It also has a wooden viewing deck for those who just want to admire the cave from the distance.

Entrance fee is 200php per head as of September 2012

It was indeed a rejuvenating experience at Crystal Cove Island. The breath of fresh air as well as the adventure is amazing!

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