Patio Pacific Boracay Hotel Review: A Paradise Worth Visiting

It must have been quite some time since I’ve last visited my blog. Must have been caught up with a lot of things that made me forget how to write, but not forget how to travel.

For all these months that I’ve been gone, I’ve still been travelling – a lot.

So a few weeks ago I found myself coming back once again (for the nth time) to Boracay.

While looking for a good quality, topnotch hotel with a good location but not one that is expensive, I came across Patio Pacific Boracay. Upon reading reviews from Trip Advisor, I found out it’s one of the most recommended hotels in Boracay. One that is totally worth your money.

Patio Pacific Hotel Review

Patio Pacific started in 1990 as the 8 room Pink Patio. Today it is one of the premier resorts of Boracay, with 66 deluxe rooms and suites, large swimming pool, full gym, wall climbing, chill out lounge, videoke song bar, wellness massage center, and full restaurant and bar.

Patio Pacific Hotel

Located in Station 1 Boracay Island, Philippines, the resort is non-beachfront but is only 2-3 minutes walk to the 3.5 kilometer long white beach and just a 5-10 minutes walk to Station 2 D’Mall area where there are various restaurants and shops.

boracay paradise hotel

The resort has won several awards for its hospitality and services, including the E3 award (Excellence in Ecology and Economy) of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and the Kalakbay award of the Department of Tourism. Continue reading