Annual vs Single Trip Insurance

If you’re planning a holiday abroad, you should have considered travel insurance, if you haven’t already got it covered. Travel insurance comes in many different formats, and one that you will almost certainly have come across is based on frequency. There are two main classifications – single trip and annual trip – and the one you choose will very much depend on how often you go away during any given year.

Let’s start with annual insurance. Annual travel insurance, also known as multi trip insurance, is designed for those who take multiple holidays per year. Annual cover is usually arranged over a 12-month period, and it provides cover for any trips that take place within that timeframe. It makes life much easier and means that you’re covered all year round, so that’s one less thing to think about next time you go away. Of course it only covers standard trips as described within your policy, so remember that if you take a special or unusual trip, you’ll need to remember to add extra features to your policy. For instance, if your annual insurance only covers you for European destinations and you decide to travel to Australia, you’ll need to top it up. Equally, don’t forget to add winter sports cover if you decide to go skiing.

The alternative to annual travel insurance is single trip insurance. This is ideal for those who barely go away at all, and who aren’t planning to travel abroad again within the next year or so. If you can be certain that you’re not going to travel again within the next 12 months, a single trip policy should provide an adequate level of cover and provide the most cost-effective option too. Otherwise, if you’re in any doubt, consider upgrading to annual cover. It shouldn’t cost too much more and it could save you the cost – and the hassle – of taking out another single trip policy further down the line.

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