Accommodating your Teens on the Next Ski Holiday

It’s never easy going on holiday with hormonal teens. Whether you think they’ll love the break or not, they’re bound to want to spend more time on their own rather than losing their street cred hanging about with their parents. We’ve all been there – we know that as a teenager, a holiday is awesome but a little bit of “me time” wouldn’t go amiss.

The same applies to ski holidays. Despite the fact that parents are super cool if they love the thrills of skiing, a teen will still hope that their style doesn’t get cramped. While Austrian ski holidays are an incredible option for a winter break, making sure that there’s enough for your teens to do to keep them happy will mean the difference between happy faces and adolescent strops. Luckily, whether you choose to ski Austria or beyond, there are plenty of ideas for you to consider.

First of all, research the various resorts so that you book one that suits them as well as you. Resorts that may have been perfect in previous years may not be nowadays, so adapt to suit. Keep an eye out for off-piste and après ski activities – a cinema, teen-friendly bars, tubing or a bowling alley, for example.

Choose a ‘trendy’ resort that they will be all too happy to brag about to their mates – one where other teens are likely to be who they can hang out with, without their ‘uncool’ parents. Pedestrianised resort centres are ideal for this, because you won’t have to worry too much about where they are or how they’re going to get back.

Let them choose their own ski gear. While younger kids wouldn’t care what they’re dressed in, teens do. Introduce them to the cooler brands like Roxy and O’Neill – you can pick up some great bargains in the end-of-season sales so you won’t have to spend over the odds.

Make sure you look for snow parks too – whether your kids are boarders or skiers, snow parks are a fantastic way to keep them out of mischief, in the vicinity of like-minded teens.

Most of all, don’t stress too much! The more laidback you are, the more your sulky teen will be inclined to spend time with you!

Great Deals on Gorgeous Getaways

If you’re planning to go away this year but you’re hoping to get a little help with the cost, you’re in luck. Thanks to the booming package holiday market, which is home to a rich variety of holidays covering virtually every type of getaway imaginable, you’re never too far from a great deal or a money-saving discount to help make your getaway that little bit easier.


Let’s say you’ve got exotic getaways on the agenda, and you’re hoping to find Goa holidays this year. It’s certainly not the cheapest location to get to, and you won’t find anything quite as cheap as a weekend in Benidorm – but you can still enjoy a good discount by taking some time to carry out your holiday search. Firstly, look for late deals. Usually, when you look for holidays departing within the next few weeks, you’ll find that the prices have been reduced to try and sell off those last few packages. This is a great time to look for bargains and, although availability is limited, providing you’re as flexible as possible with your search criteria you can snap up some wonderful savings.

Ideally, look for holidays that depart within school term time. This won’t work well for those looking for family holiday deals, but for other types of holidays, travelling outside of the school holidays can significantly reduce the cost of your getaway.

Another great way to secure a discount is to look for early bird deals. When you book well in advance, such as a year or more before your chosen departure date, you will often be privy to some great early bird discounts advertised by various tour operators. What’s more, by booking in advance you will have longer to pay off the cost of the holiday – plus you’ll have more time to save some spending money, meaning you’ve got more to play with once you get there.