Untitled Epilogue of Kadayawan 2012

Rambled Ramblings

Oh travel bug in me, awake me as I succumb to this atrocious animosity inside.

Tomorrow is but another major festival that I long to venture, I wish to ravel in the parade of colors, the distinct aura of this promise city.

Oh how I wish to chronicle every step of the way, every beat of the drum, on every click of my cam.

If only it is easier said than done.

Sharing the mystic beauty of this land is more than just a sour, unthought,  ramblings of this traveler in me.

I wish to tell you EVERYTHING.

All that there is about my beloved paradise, my second home, my Davao.

Oh how I love your city scrapers, the daily walks and talks, the buzzes and fuzzes, the tangled night life from almost all corners, the sweet smell of your bountiful harvest, the unforgettable scent of Durian, to hear the happy feets stomping on highway streets, amidst the populous joyous crowd.

Oh how I long to see every activity of yours. Document every bit and piece of it. If only I’ve started early, then there might be more to tell.

But hey, words are just words, it’s the experience that counts. And hey, I won’t be gone. You and me, we still have a long way to go. More chances for me to shout out your wonders for every wander.

So let me stop this rambling, need to doze of this sleepy head. Tomorrow is yet another day.

Oh Davao, happy to be here now.


This is Kadayawan 2012!

Davao Kadayawan Festival 2012 Activities