Wow! Siargao (Shar-gow): Three Islands Hopping

I was born in the sign of water
And it’s there that I feel my best
The albatross and the whales they are my brothers
It’s kind of a special feeling
When you’re out on the sea alone
Starin’ at the full moon like a lover
Time for a cool change…

– Goes one of my favorite songs…

One’s adventure is never enough until one reaches her favourite place. And for Adventuroj, that is none other than the ocean.  I’ve always been a beach  lover long before I could remember, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, and even sunrise and sunsets by the beach, these are just some of my favorite past times to relieve the stress of day to day daily routine.

That’s why I just couldn’t express my longingness for this next adventure of mine – Adventuroj Siargao experience!

The Adventure Begins

The trip’s all set. Another promo fare booked (airfare for less than 500php all in one way). The trip will fly aboard from Davao-Cebu then Cebu-Siargao.

Aug. 3, 2012

The Descent

We’ve arrived at around 10am on a relaxing Friday, August 3, 2012, at Sayak Airport, Del Carmen, Siargao Island. Then Registered in the registration booth for first timer tourists.

Since we’re trying to save as much as we could, we decided to look for the cheapest habal-habal that could take us to Gen. Luna (where the popular Cloud 9 Surfing Site is located) or GL as locals often called it. Luckily we’ve met “Otek”. He told us that he’ll bring us to Ocean 101 (our booked accommodation) for 150php per head (discounted from the regular rate that most drivers asked of 300php/head).

Sayak Airport to Ocean 101 – P150

Ocean 101 Rate: 600php/fan-cooled room/night (good for 2 persons)

Day 1: Island Hopping (Guyam, Daku and Naked Islands)

After we’ve left our backpacks at Ocean 101, just brought a small bag, we’ve let Otek drive us to the GL port. We asked him if he knew any boatmans that could give us a three island hopping tour for a minimal price. He told us that although he worked at Ocean 101, it would be better for us to rent an outside boat rather than booking a trip with the resort as it costs more.

So off we go and booked a boat for the three islands. The tour cost 1,500 php per boat. If only there are other tourist groups that we could go with to lessen the price, but there ain’t. 😦

Three Islands Tour

Naked Island

So called because of its “nakedness.” Here one won’t find any single tree, house, or anything at all. Just plain sand, just the island, you and the scorching heat of the sun.

Lazy Moments

Daku Island

Simply named because it is the biggest (“daku”) of all three islands. Here you will already find cottages where you could relax and eat your lunch. We just bought a loaf of bread, some sandwich spreads, and water – a budget lunch. 😉

Daku Island Moments

It is also noticeable that coconuts here in the island are “unique” in their own way. Just take a look at this.

Electric Fans. More fun in the Philippines.

This is brought by the strong winds that blows from the Pacific direct to this island. One would probably think that there’s a storm around the corner because of the winds’ speed and velocity. Sands from the shores are also flying, reminds me of a mini sandstorm. LOL.

Guyam Island

Last stop is the Guyam Island. Here coral rocks around the shore of the beach exist in myriad shapes, colors, and sizes. Some even made me think if I am in Earth or I am in the moon because of the craters here. What do you think?


Guyam Island Moments

Dinner at Ronaldo’s

We went home around 6pm and had dinner at Ronaldo’s, a popular dining place in Siargao. Meals are affordable and I should say sumptuous and deliciously cooked!

Ronaldo’s Siargao

We went back at Ocean 101 via a Habal-habal from Gen Luna to Cloud 9 for P20php per head.

What a fun filled first day Friday it has been. I honestly love the people here, the simple living they have, and of course the clean, clear and serene waters in their beaches.

Makes me sing JM’s “La-la-la, La-la-la, Life is wonderful.” Stay tune for more adventures tomorrow!

The above blog post is part of my surfing adventure series of posts in the Island of Siargao, the Philippines’ Surfing Capital that happened last August 2-6, 2012. | Wow! Siargao (Shar-gow): Three Islands Hopping | Surfing at the Philippine’s Surfing Capital: Siargao Island | Siargao’s Enchanting Bucas Grande Sohoton Cave | Siargao Countryside Tour: Inland Sights and Wonders | What to do in Siargao: Suggested Siargao Budget Itinerary

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  5. Hi po. ask lng sana ako kung ilang minutes ang airport ng siargao to GL? At kung pwde ba mag half day lng sa 3 islands? Sunday lng kasi kami wholeday sa Siargao. Plano ko mg 3 islands sa morning tapos surfing sa hapon. thanks 🙂

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