From Sunlight till Sundark at Clark, Pampanga (Part 3/4 of Subic & Clark’s Adventure)

After a refreshing view of the sea, we’re now on our way to Clark Pampanga for the main event – the main Philippine hot air balloon festival 2012.


We got off at the Dau, Bus Terminal, and since we didn’t know how to get to the place where we’re staying, we took the courage to ask a pedicab driver, who in turn told us that he knew the place, and since it’s just a pedicab, I’ve been fooled into thinking that the ride will be a short and cheap one. But it did not.

We were astonished by the amount that he’d asked, 150 pesos?! For a pedicab?! Imagine that! If we’ve only known and took the jeepney instead, we would have saved enough for our dinner. At least now you’ve been warned.

Lunch at Aling Lucing’s Sisig

They say that the original sisig can only be found in Pampanga, here at Aling Lucing’s to be exact. Luckily we no longer have to search far for the tempting dish is now available at SM Clark.

To Parkson’s and other Duty Free shops 

Since we we’re on a tight budget, we just decided to took a jeepney to going to Clark grounds. We got off at Parkson’s Duty Free Shop, window shop a bit, and continued our trek to our next destination of about 1.5km away.

Here lies my crush… 🙂

Walking tour at Nayong Pilipino

Sunset at Air force City 

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