2012 T’nalak Festival: The Grand Street Dancing Parade

In the much anticipated Street Dancing Parade yesterday T’nalak Festival culminated its weeklong celebration that started last July 13.

T’nalak, hailed as the province’s ultimate cultural emblem, is a traditional masterpiece of geometric patterns dreamt to life by T’boli weavers who translate their dreams into intricate patterns of intensely colored abaca fiber. Celebrated in July, this festival anchored on the t’nalak is timed with the province’s founding anniversary and has become the biggest, brightest and most colorful celebration in South Cotabato.

The vibrant colors, heart pounding drum beats and awe inspiring dances of the different tribes of South Cotabato dominated the main streets of Koronadal City. The melody of every song, the rhythm of the smashing drums and the groovy vibes of the surroundings joyfully set the whole city in a jovial mood.

Streets come alive to the rousing “T’nalak Beat” with more than thousands of energetic street dancers performing well choreographed and synchronized movements in colorful ethnic costumes.

It was a great showcase of different cultures reflected on the well rehearsed dances of the 12 contingents vying for the grand prize in three categories – MADAL BE’LAN, KASADYAHAN SA KAPATAGAN & KADSAGAYAN ALALAN. The choreographed dances showcasing tribal rituals and ways of lives of the different tribes truly showed the richness of culture and prosperity of living of each tribe portrayed during the performances.

Being a South Cotabateno, seeing these performances made me proud of the heritage of my home city. This made me realized despite differences of culture coming from different ways of lives; we all got to embrace the multicultural diversity of the province.


Here are my shots of one of the Grandest Festival in the Philippines: T’nalak Festival 2012 in South Cotabato, Philippines (my dear hometown) held last January 18, 2012. Shots taken during the Grand Parade/Street Dancing. Just got a Free Pass after registering to T’nalak Festival’s Blog Writing Competition (watch out for my blog entry, more pictures will be posted there!). Hope you’ll enjoy below shots!

Til’ next year T’NALAK! Basta South Cotabato, Amo na ya!

The above blog post is part of a week long celebration of South Cotabato’s grandest festival – THE 13th T’NALAK FESTIVAL that happened last July 13-18, 2012 Here is a series of posts that will highlight the rich and colorful heritage of South Cotabato, my home province, as it showcased spectacular highlights of the festival.
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15 thoughts on “2012 T’nalak Festival: The Grand Street Dancing Parade

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  3. This year’s Tnalak Festival is very bonggacious…. The Street Dancing contingents of every municipalities are so active and glamorous, their performance are amazing and their props and costumes are very nice and unique!!!!!!!!!

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  5. great pics! i was there but didnt enjoy much the street dancing…. papano kasi medyo late na kmi dumating…kag nagsala kami sang system sang parade nila….sa may overpass going to Tacurong kami nag pwesto coz abi namon the parade just started kay # 1,2,3, &4 contestant and ara didto….. hoping nxt year makabakasyon uli kami, kag tani ibalik nila ang ang old system sang parade nila para di magsala ang mga tao.

  6. Nice2 ate Roj!

    Now I know… Another place to visit… Hoping… :))

    Keep it up ate Roj! thanks and God bless :))

  7. Street dancing keeps on being colorful every day and every year. It is just so crazy watching street dancing anywhere. All my life I was watching Sinulog.

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