TNALAK FESTIVAL 2012: 15 Reasons Why It’s More Fun in South Cotabato, Amo na ya!

I shielded my eyes from the glaring heat of the sun. From afar I could hear the distant sound of the forest, the chirping of the birds, and the rustling of the leaves as they danced with the wind. I’ve been a traveler long as I could remember.  I’ve been to a lot of places, seen various faces, and indulge myself in worlds all foreign to me.

But today is different; I don’t know where I am yet my heart feels at home.

In front of me is a majestic, cone-shaped mountain with luscious rainforest that literally beckons every climber to climb it.

1. The Towering Mt Matutum

The Pride of South Cotabato: The Picturesque Mt Matutum. Photo Courtesy of Atty Nonoy Rojas

I know I’ve seen this before. If only I survived that bungee jump long ago in one of my outdoor adventures, I wouldn’t have to undergo that brain surgery that damaged my memory. Nevertheless I still thank my God for keeping me alive. And now here I am with my travel buddies alike whose names I can no longer recall, on a tour they say could help me remember. Continue reading

2012 T’nalak Festival: The Grand Street Dancing Parade

In the much anticipated Street Dancing Parade yesterday T’nalak Festival culminated its weeklong celebration that started last July 13.

T’nalak, hailed as the province’s ultimate cultural emblem, is a traditional masterpiece of geometric patterns dreamt to life by T’boli weavers who translate their dreams into intricate patterns of intensely colored abaca fiber. Celebrated in July, this festival anchored on the t’nalak is timed with the province’s founding anniversary and has become the biggest, brightest and most colorful celebration in South Cotabato. Continue reading