Let’s Get Loud: T’nalak Festival Cheerdancing Competition!

Koronadal City, South Cotabato — The T’nalak Festival cheerdance competition takes centerstage Saturday with the Saravia National High School going for its second straight crown at the South Cotabato Sports & Cultural Center.

The Winning Team Saravia National High School

Five  more teams joined the loud and vibrant competition.

Cheers and yells filled the jam packed Cultural Center as  people trooped to support their teams in their magnificent performance.

The various pep squads showcased unbelievable stunts, with the dancers flying high up in the air as they dance to the beat of the drums in colorful costumes.

Enjoy yourself with a parade of pictures as I present to you The T’nalak Festival cheerdance competition!

The above blog post is part of a week long celebration of South Cotabato’s grandest festival – THE 13th T’NALAK FESTIVAL that happened last July 13-18, 2012. Here is a series of posts that will highlight the rich and colorful heritage of South Cotabato, my home province, as it showcased spectacular highlights of the festival.T’nalak Festival 2012: Amo na ya!| Let’s Get Loud: T’nalak Festival Cheerdancing Competition! | 2012 T’nalak Festival: The Grand Street Dancing Parade

One thought on “Let’s Get Loud: T’nalak Festival Cheerdancing Competition!

  1. The last time I watched a competition was when I was in my college..lol… that’s 2 decades ago… I could say that the teams joining the competition now are more exciting to watch. More risk taking moves…Nice …:D

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