T’nalak Festival 2012: Amo na ya!

One of the biggest, grandest, and brightest festival in the province of South Cotabato – the 13th T’NALAK FESTIVAL has already started last July 13 and will continue it’s week long festivity until July 18.

This year’s celebration has the theme “South Cotabato: Making a Difference, Amo Na ‘Ya!”

Why T’nalak?

The festival is named after the renowned T’nalak, a cloth meticulously handwoven by the T’bolis. Creating the fabric requires patient labor and craftsmanship as it undergoes a series of steady processes like dyeing, heating, and beating. The vibrant and striking colors in intricate patterns of the fabric are symbolic of the province’s dynamic dreams through its people, culture and tradition.

Schedule of Activities

Tnalak Schedule of Activities

T’nalak 2012 Activities (Sneak Peak)

During the first two days of the festival, I was able to roam the city streets and witness the following activities.

Tnalak Crafts at the Agri-Industrial Expo

Colorful Culture of South Cotabato

Cultural Presentation

T’nalak Fun Run

Bahay Kubo Showcase

T’nalak Cheerdancing Competition

These are just some of the sneak peaks of the grand event. I’ll be posting more details of the activities here in my blog in the days to come. So for now, let’s go out, be merry, and enjoy the T’nalak Festival!

The above blog post is part of a week long celebration of South Cotabato’s grandest festival – THE 13th T’NALAK FESTIVAL that happened last July 13-18, 2012. Here is a series of posts that will highlight the rich and colorful heritage of South Cotabato, my home province, as it showcased spectacular highlights of the festival.T’nalak Festival 2012: Amo na ya!| Let’s Get Loud: T’nalak Festival Cheerdancing Competition! | 2012 T’nalak Festival: The Grand Street Dancing Parade

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