Yay! Another Feat for Adventuroj!

People often ask why I blog? Most of them thought it’s for the sake of earning some pennies. Others even thought that I am paid to blog. How I wish I am! But to be honest I am not earning even a single Peso from my blog, I just blog because it’s what I love.

Blog Because You Love to Blog

I am not blogging for income, numbers, or solely to provide free stuff. I am blogging because I love to write and I want to share my passions, my travel, and my adventures.

But once in a while it feels good to be rewarded.  Continue reading

T’nalak Festival 2012: Amo na ya!

One of the biggest, grandest, and brightest festival in the province of South Cotabato – the 13th T’NALAK FESTIVAL has already started last July 13 and will continue it’s week long festivity until July 18.

This year’s celebration has the theme “South Cotabato: Making a Difference, Amo Na ‘Ya!” Continue reading