Clouds of Dreams on my Special Day

It was this same day last week when a significant number in my life changed, a new year had begun, new life, new hope, new dreams.

Dreams and visions floating in the distant innermost depth of one’s soul, lingering… clinging… wringing… waiting to be found and realized in a visionary’s mysterious being. And just like how clouds float in the distant skies, these dreams amazingly exposed their beauty on such lovely day of my life.

And so here are some of the myriad images captured by the scenic speck of my eyes in the glimpse of a minuscule lens of a wary traveller.

Majestic Cloud Formations

Let your minds roll. Imagine without exception and limitation in a myriad of formations that your mind holds in conception, for what you see is what you are.







Grow like a Rainbow

What’s even more amazing is that on this special day, God showed me a rainbow – something that I haven’t seen for quite some time, a scene that gives one that fantastic feeling of faith and hope, that in the end of such beautiful bow is a priceless treasure, comparable with  the bountiful blessings that He will provide in the days to come.

Glow like the Sun

The rainbow could have been enough, not until I saw this while I was on the jeepney on my way to one of our travel destinations.

Just look at it – a marvelous exposure of God Himself, a splendor descent of the Almighty from afar. I wonder is 2012 the time for it (as often expressed by countless references nowadays of an expected end of world)?

What does Clouds tell about our life?

They say that clouds tell a meaning in our lives. They exist and are formed according to how our brain conceives it. Perhaps that’s why what I see in a cloud is different from what you perceive. It may be an animal hovering over the distance, a scene once witnessed in a movie, or a face of a man in expression of endless emotions – happiness, sadness, madness, grief, love or sorrow, all similarly expressed by the heart of the spectator.

But one thing’s for certain, that such formations – both up from the skies above, and down from your hearts under, contain the same longing, that unconscious dream of your being, waiting to be found. So don’t hesitate to dream, fantasize, and believe in the power of your mind, for in time, all these things will dawn upon you, just like how clouds disappear into thin air only to be grasped by these hands of ours.

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