The White Pride of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Ilocos Norte

It was in an in flight magazine where I first saw an image of this stunning rock formation dressed in all white. At first, I even thought the photo was edited but upon seeing it with my own eyes during my visit at Ilocos, I was at awe in belief. It is indeed real!

Why ‘Kapurpurawan’?

The word “kapurpurawan” means “Kaputi putian” or white in Ilokano. The place was named as such due to the distinctive grand white lime stone formations within the area. The mighty winds coming from the sea causes a big part to the displacement of minerals and the instinctive and chemical weathering of this rock formation. Truly an amazing work of mother nature isn’t it?

Kapurpurawan Photo (3.5)

The trek to Kapurpurawan can be done in two ways: you could enjoy a hike towards it, or have a horseback ride for 50php.

Since me and my travel buddy wants to savor our adventure in Ilocos, we decided to go for the second option.

Horse Back Riding in Kapurpurawan

And yes, did I forget to mention that this is my first horse ride? And tell you, I love it!

Kapurpurawan Photo (3)

Kapurpurawan Photo (2)

During the journey to the stunning rock formation, you could see from afar the Kapurpurawan landmark, a giant sphinx cutting through the deep blue sky with all its whiteness.

Kapurpurawan Photo (1)

Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by these mini houses in white. The guide told us that these are just imitations ; a remnant of the cast of  “Si Agimat, Si Enteng at Ako” movie, one of the entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival for December 2012.

Kapurpurawan Photo (4)

Kapurpurawan Photo (6)

Setting Foot in a Chalk White Rock Formation

Moving on, we walked on to the inviting rock formation ahead of us and I found myself taking photos here, there and everywhere.

Kapurpurawan Photo (5)

Kapurpurawan Photo (7)

Kapurpurawan Photo (8)

Kapurpurawan Photo (9)

Kapurpurawan Photo (11)

Kapurpurawan Photo (13)

Kapurpurawan Photo (14)

Locals claim that the upper beak part that looks like a Sphinx or head of a sleeping dragon changes every year through natural conditions.

Kapurpurawan Photo (12)

After much photo ops, we headed back to our tricycle tour to explore the rest of Pagudpud.

Kapurpurawan, you are indeed a white pride!

Kapurpurawan Photo (16)

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