Of Why I Choose to Depart with a Broken Heart

Of lines of a poetic piece of art,

To tackle one’s broken piece of heart,

It’s time for another tale to tell,

To spell this month’s PTB Blog Carnival.



Hearts will once again rejoice,

To celebrate or to mourn,

That will be your own personal choice.


I write this post not to brag,

Whether I be happy or in need of a hug,

All I know my Valentine’s won’t be a cold one,

A hand to hold, friends and a family to run,

All’s enough, I ask for none.

valentines day paint heart wallpapers

But Valentines may not always be happy and gay,

Oftentimes there may be shades of black and gray.

There are those with tears to display,

All brought by hearts in decay.



So the question that I need to know,

This month of hearts,

Where do broken hearts go?


Are they meant in the deep, blue ocean to flow?

Thrown in the wind, pierced by a crow?

Or perhaps lie shivering in a mountain of snow?



Where do Broken heart go?


But put in mind that wherever they go,

What matters is for us to grow.


If you’ll ask where mine would go,

In times when it’s shattered, broke, and hurt,

And I have nothing else to give,

Tears are dry, soul exhausted, no longer wanted to live.


I’ll tell you what…

I run,


and run,


and run…

Until I’m gone.

 Zamboanga Travel


Travel in a far away land,

Of nobody but me, myself, and I.

For they say that you should endure,

what you cannot cure.


Tears will flow once more,

Questions will be asked,

Even the meaning of life be pondered,

For when we are weakened and broken,

All else seems to be forsaken.


We are left again with nothing but us,

Alone, tormented in this messy fuss.

Then we started to swore and to curse,

Who is it to be blamed in this time of adverse?


Is it we who did become careless and thoughtless?

Or them for being mean and heartless?

But would it be wiser to stop all the blaming,

And just proceed on living?


Travel Photo


There’s no point explaining,

That all we achieve in blaming and exacting revenge,

Is to make ourselves the equals of our enemies.

Whereas by forgiving, we show wisdom and intelligence.


Let us always heed that when faced by any loss,

There’s no point in trying to recover what has been,

Rather it’s best to take advantage of the space that opened up,

And fill it up with something new.


For in theory, every loss is for our own good,

For that is when we question the existence of God

and ask ourselves,

“What did I do to deserve all these?”


Men is in a constant quest of seeking answers,

We will always be asking ourselves the same questions,

But perhaps it may be of help,

If we’ll be humble enough to accept that our hearts know why we are here.


Yes it’s difficult to talk to your heart,

And perhaps it isn’t even necessary.

We simply have to trust and follow the signs,

Sooner or later, we’ll realize that we’re all part of something greater than us.


– even if we can’t understand rationally what that something is.


They say that in the second before our death,

Each of us understands the real reasons for our existence.


Flower by the beach


These, and the many reasons of why we breathe,

Are just some of why in times I’ve got a broken heart,

All I wanna do is depart,

Not to be apart, but to be with myself until then,

For only in these times will I be whole again.


How about you?

On this day of hearts,

Given a broken heart,

Where would you opt to go?



This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Blogger’s Blog Carnival for February 2013 with the theme “WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO?” hosted by Rain of Rakistang Nars. Check out the carnival’s archive as compiled by Estan Cabigas by clicking the Logo below 🙂


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