Kalilangan Festival 2012

This year I was one with General Santos City in celebrating its Kalilangan festival last February 27.

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The word Kalilangan is derived from the Maguindanaoan word “kalilang” which means “festival,” or “celebration.” The anniversary celebration commemorates the landing of the city’s founder, General Paulino Santos, along with the first settlers from Luzon, at the shores of Sarangani Bay.

Kalilangan celebrates colors, ethnicity, thanksgiving. There’s actually more that depicts Kalilangan, and and I am so proud to say that this year I celebrated Kalilangan with awesome friends.


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Colorful costumes, drumbeats, heart-pumping drumrolls and huge musical instruments paraded the street. Awesome noise surrounded the air. The heat of the sun never stopped us from enjoying the chants and the ethnic music. Excitement galore! Everybody was enjoying despite the scorching heat.

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“Kalilangan is a noble tradition. It is a complete work of art nourished and nurtured by a rich cultural heritage that has withstand the test of time from generation to generation.”

Kalilangan in General Santos City is being celebrated every third week of February.

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