Palawan Underground River Tour (PPUR Tour)

Day 2 itinerary – yes! the ever most awaited highlight of going to Palawan (they say you haven’t been to Palawan if you haven’t seen the underground River).

Since the declaration of Palawan Underground River as one of the 7 Wonders of the World, tourist (both locals and foreign) have been pouring to visit the historic site.

How to Book Underground River Tour?

And if there’s one ‘tour’ that I’d like to recommend you to avail (yes even you budget packers like me) is this.

Trust me, I learned this the hard way. Last time me and my buddy went to Palawan we didn’t got the chance to see the UR since the permit slots are fully booked.

You see the Palawan Department of Tourism provides these permits, you need to obtain them from the city prior to going to Sabang (where the UR is located). Permit registration is a very very veeeerrrry looooong process if you’re a walk in. I’ve tried this before. People shouting, long lines, favoritism, the usual you see in a Philippine government system scene. You don’t wanna go through this.

And so the ‘tour’ agencies are born. They make life a whole lot easier. All you have to do is text them (yes, no need to go to the tourism office, even at the comfort of your own homes you could already book a permit). Just send them your complete name (be very careful not to misspell it or you’ll never be going to see the Underground River), with your birthday, and poof! You’re already booked, Magic eh?!

Well I guess that’s just how the system works in the Philippines!

Anyway, to make the long story short. We did avail this, and at around 7am we were picked up by the van that took us to Sabang. From there, our tour guide took care of all the queuing and long lines, we just have to wait until it’s our time.

And I would like to commend our guide, Peter (St Peter as we called him. haha) from Top Star Travel Agency, he made it a breeeze! Nauna pa kami kesa dun sa mga nauna pang dumating sa amin!

I know if’s unfair, but well you know if you’re the one traded more fairly it just becomes fair. haha.

So here are some pics of our tour.

Buffet After the Tour

After the unwinding journey inside the cave, we took our buffet lunch courtesy of the tour agency.

And yes I don’t wanna miss visiting Palawan without having a taste of one of their delicacies, another exotic food – the TAMILOK!

Tamilok at Palawan

Taken from the inside of the trees, these ‘tree’ eating semi wormlike squishy creatures from the family of sea urchins, shells, and clams, is a delicious treat found in this province, even featured in Fear Factor, Usually paired with a vinegar, Tamilok are best eaten raw. Yummy! *It has just a little after taste. But I recommend you adventurers to try it! One serving in a bowl cost 100php. They say capturing and finding these ‘tamilok’ is a difficult process, hence its expensiveness.

Palawan Underground River Tips and Tricks

Tip: If you wanna hold the light going inside the cave, stay in FRONT of the boat. You just have to be a good listener and must know what ‘LEFT’ and ‘RIGHT’ means, since the guide will be asking you to point the light from his directions.

And if you wanna hear a detail and closer tour explanation, stay at the back portion of the boat near the guide. Recommended to those who have hearing difficulties.

Underground River Tour Travel Agency

  • Top Star Travel Agency: 09088995002
  • Cost: 1,500php per person with free buffet lunch, travel, etc.

And an AdventuRoj shirt to end the day!

The above blog post is part of my Family Trip to Palawan Adventure series of posts that happened last October 25-28, 2012.  To read more the rest of the series, click on the following links: Palawan Family Trip: Arrival and City Tour | Palawan Underground River Tour (PPUR Tour)  | Palawan Honda Bay Family Trip

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