Palawan Honda Bay Family Trip

For our third day at Palawan, it’s time to head to the beach. Another travel tour from an agency, we were picked up by the van at around 8am. And off we went to the Honda Bay port after stopping over to a swimming equipment rental gear shop. Equipment rental cost 150php, however if you want to get it cheaper, just rent your equipments at the honda bay port. They cost only 100php. Better off just bring your own! A pair of swimming shoes, and googles is already good to go! After the registration process (long lines again) taken cared of by the tour guide, we rode the boat that will take us to the following islands:

Honda Bay Island Hopping

  • Pambatu Reef (Mini Tubbattaha Reef as they call it) *not so interesting, the waters are murky, you can’t see that much

  • Starfish Island (because of the many ‘Starfish’ found in the island). We took our lunch here, prepared by the tour agency also

  • Pandan Island (named for its abundance of ‘Pandan plants) preferred snorkeling area, you could swim almost anywhere some at even knee deep water for those non swimmers and you’ll already lots and lots of fish. Just recently they stopped the fish feeding here.

Other islands in the area not included in the tour:

  • Snake island (named after the shape of the island NOT it’s inhabitants!)
  • Cowrie Island.
  • Cannon Island
  • Bat Island. Around 6pm thousands of flying bats in the area
  • Lu-li Island (which is visible only with low tide). came from two words – lulubog at lilitaw

Budget way to Tour the Honda Bay:

Here’s how: *Take note you have to leave early around 6 or 7am, so you’ll not need to rush together with the tour agencies who’ll be arriving at around 8 or 9am. They always gets prioritized.

Board a Jeepney bound to Sta Lourdes Honda Bay (signage) Fare is around 10 pesos only
Upon arrival, head to the registration area, where you’ll have to pay for certain fees.
*Better to find another group not on a tour agency (max. of 6 people) to share the rent of one small boat that costs 1,200php Boat rental : small boat for 1,200php divided by how many are you.
If all goes well, wait for your boat number to be called and you’re all set!
Other fees to be paid are the minimal entrance fees at the islands, And of course, as a back packer, always bring your own baon! haha.
After the island hopping, hire a trike to get you at the intersection where you could already hail a jeepney going back to the ‘Bayan. Fare to tricycle is 8php. Jeepney fare going to bayan is 10php.

**You could also try strolling, and just a few meters away from the Honda Bay port you could visit the Chinese temple along the way. I’m sure you’ll have bragging rights of having pictures of this to your friends, as this is not usually included in the Honda Bay Tour that agencies offer. haha. But if you still wanna avail of the tour, go ahead and pay your 1,300php per head. I don’t think it’s worth it though.

The above blog post is part of my Family Trip to Palawan Adventure series of posts that happened last October 25-28, 2012.  To read more the rest of the series, click on the following links: Palawan Family Trip: Arrival and City Tour | Palawan Underground River Tour (PPUR Tour)  | Palawan Honda Bay Family Trip

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