Bohol Loboc River Cruise

The Loboc River Cruise was part of our day tour around Bohol.

Bohol Loboc River Tour

Basically, what happens in the cruise is that for one hour, you’ll be riding on a boat and going around the Loboc River. Oh, and it comes with a buffet. The buffet costs 300php and there’s an entrance fee of 100php.

It was lunchtime and our boat was filled to its maximum capacity. Each table in the floating restaurant accommodate 10 people so 4 other passengers shared a table with me and my family. Once the buffet table was filled, people were asked to line up in batches.

A Feast for My Family

Sumptuous Lunch

As the boat takes off, the buffet begins. On the middle table all kinds of Philippine delicacies are presented, and while eating, you can enjoy the lush green landscape slowly sliding along your table.

Scenic Scenes in Loboc River

We also passed by the Loboc church which lies adjacent to the Loboc River.

Loboc church

While cruising, we were entertained by the in-house band while we had our lunch. After a while, our boat stopped beside a floating bamboo raft where the locals, children and adults alike, serenaded us with music strummed on guitars and bandurrias.

A Serenade from the Loboc Children Entertainment Group

I wanna grow old with you

The whole trip lasted for an hour, just enough for us to have our fill of the dishes served in the buffet table.

Smiles with Tummies Full

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2 thoughts on “Bohol Loboc River Cruise

    • Hi Miamor!

      It wasn’t actually required to treat him for lunch since there were also other fellow guides/drivers in the area (not aboard the boat) that he could spend some time chit chatting while you’re on the cruise. Entrance fees for the guides are also free. I guess it’s a place where every local know every other local. 😉 When are you planning to go there?

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