Bohol Tarsier Encounter

From the port where our Loboc River Cruise ended, our driver brought us to the Tarsier Visitors Center in Sikatuna where we were able to see the Bohol tarsiers up close. A donation of Php 20 is requested from each visitor but giving more than that is encouraged.

Bohol Tarsier

Going Up My Little One?

The place was set up to be as close as the tarsiers’ natural habitat in the forest. To prevent stress, caretakers prohibit visitors from touching them and from using the flash when shooting pictures. We were told that if handled the wrong way they would suffer so much pain that they are known to commit suicide to stop their suffering.

Silence Please

Tarsier Enounter

Fun Family Encounter with the Tarsier

My Big Brother & the Small Tarsier

Look how small it is!

My tarsier brother

It is amazing how the tarsiers seem to thrive in the island of Bohol but not anywhere else. They are endemic to Bohol. There must be something special – perhaps a combination of ideal habitation, food sources, and climate that makes Bohol just the right place for these very sensitive creatures to thrive in. Perhaps it is the same freak of nature that gifted Bohol with the famous Chocolate Hills that brought Tarsier to the island.

My Tarsier Encounter

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