Backpackers Budget Guide on Going to Subic (Part 1/4 of Subic & Clark’s Adventure)

I’ve always dreamt to fly, to see the world from above, sail like a falcon, and feel the cool touch of the wind on my face. This and the many other reasons that conspired, including of course my adventuroj side, led me to my next travel destination – off to Clark, Pampanga’s Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival, and since we’re already there, might as well head out for a side trip to Subic, Olongapo city, Zambales as well.

And so the following is my backpacking guide and sample itinerary for a budget Clark and Subic escapade. Continue reading

There is Jealousy in Love

When love and jealousy collide
Soon you’ll realize
That when a feeling is really right
You find that you cannot put up a fight

When love gets in the way
You’ll find that you cannot stay away
But when a feeling is right, soon you’ll realize
It’s there so stay and display in your eyes

But you cannot define
When a feeling is really divine
When a feeling is really right
That which sets your heart into light Continue reading

Clouds of Dreams on my Special Day

It was this same day last week when a significant number in my life changed, a new year had begun, new life, new hope, new dreams.

Dreams and visions floating in the distant innermost depth of one’s soul, lingering… clinging… wringing… waiting to be found and realized in a visionary’s mysterious being. And just like how clouds float in the distant skies, these dreams amazingly exposed their beauty on such lovely day of my life.

And so here are some of the myriad images captured by the scenic speck of my eyes in the glimpse of a minuscule lens of a wary traveller. Continue reading

From Dusk till Dawn at Bukidnon (Day 2)

]Our second day at Bukidnon started early with a dawn mass held at St. Labrador Parish in Malaybalay, just across from where we are staying.

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Let Alone in Bukidnon (Part 1)

This year Adventuroj decided to spend her birthday away from the routinary parties that one used to have. Instead, she went on a sojourn into a place where she hadn’t gone before – and as usual another adventure had begun, this time at the Pineapple Capital of the Philippines, the Province of Bukidnon. Continue reading