Maybe THIS Is Why That Person Gets Under Your Skin! And Why That’s Bad For You!


Relationships – they come, they go – some stick with us for a whole lifetime – others are around for just a lesson in time. Same thing goes for partnerships, too. And many times, we miss the message of the relationship or partnership and continue to create the same thing over and over again with new people.

And we end up asking the same ole question, “Why did this happen to me – AGAIN!?”

Well, finding out the answer that question isn’t as easy as one blog post on The Daily Love. But, I did want to share with you a very interesting insight that might take some of the resentment out of your current relationships and, perhaps, shine a light on previous ones. Continue reading

There is Jealousy in Love

When love and jealousy collide
Soon you’ll realize
That when a feeling is really right
You find that you cannot put up a fight

When love gets in the way
You’ll find that you cannot stay away
But when a feeling is right, soon you’ll realize
It’s there so stay and display in your eyes

But you cannot define
When a feeling is really divine
When a feeling is really right
That which sets your heart into light Continue reading

Thoughts of a Hopeless Romantic

As much as possible, I’d like to avoid indulgence in personal anecdotes of love. But recently, I’ve been finding myself torn asunder by the winged creature we usually call Cupid. I’ve decided to jot down some thoughts on the whole thing – not getting too personal, – and see what everyone else thinks.

The Fall

After watching the sunset on our rooftop yesterday illustrating the beauty of color, only to be soon turned into gray, disappearing into darkness, I couldn’t help but think of relationships. Continue reading