Beautiful Batanes Valentines

Oh what perfect way to celebrate the love month with a trip to one of the loveliest places here in the Philippines – Batanes!

It was on the morning of the 14th of February when I set my foot first on this lovely islands.

While the rest of the country celebrates this romantic day with a bouquet of flowers, chocolates & romantic dates, here I am in this quaint island where you won’t see the grand festivity of the so called ‘Valentines Day’, no flower shops to be found, no expensive chocolates, nor megamalls and cinemas for those romantic dates.

But what could be found here is much much much more beautiful than what usually lies and what the rest of the country experiences today.

Gone Biking in Batanes

So on our first day in Batanes, we just spent the day roaming around this lovely island on our rented bikes. Nothing to worry, nothing to hurry, we still have more time.


Asul na bato
Sa tuktok ng mundo;
Sa makipot na pinto
Nakatagong paraiso

Along walang humpay
Sumayaw at maghintay;
Hiwagang nakasampay
Sa hangi’y nananalaytay

Sa puso ng dagat nahagilap;
Katuparan mo ay alapaap.

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