Fun in the Sun at Subic’s Ocean Adventure Park


On my second adventure at Subic, I made sure to visit the Ocean Adventure (which I haven’t been to in my previous visit). And so below is my chronicle of the event that took place.

As the first Marine Park and aquarium in the Philippines, one can surely enjoy the playful sea lion, dolphin and whale shows. Ocean Adventure is located at the Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area of Subic Bay. With 12,000 sqm of land area and 8,000 sqm of water space, your family is assured an entire day of fun and excitement, intermixed with informative knowledge about the wonderful world of sea life.


Adults P550
Kids/ Senior Citizens P 440

*Admission includes entry to the following shows:

1. Walk in the Wild

The first show will teach you jungle survival tips and will bring you closer to some wild and domestic animals.

The show begins with a demonstration by the local indigenous Aetas.  Witness their amazing ability to build a fire without matches, and to create a variety of tools from bamboo.

Walk on the Wild Side then transports guests into the forest at night, where we explore the sights and sounds of the deep dark forest and meet a variety of fascinating birds, bats, mammals and reptiles.

A volunteer from the audience will also be blindfolded and asked to touch a python snake.

That day, it happened that GMA Kapuso was also there to film a segment of one of their shows with Survivor Philippines grand winner.

2. High Dive Show

After an adventure in the wild, we’ve proceeded to the second show which is the High Dive Show which featured International Champions in a diving exhibition.  The high dive show is a display of Olympic Springboard diving, as well as platform diving from various heights. The highlight of the show is the high dive of over 80 feet.

3. Sea Lion Show

If you love sea lions, you can’t miss the Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show. Here you’ll get to watch these extremely smart guys perform tricks with balls and dancing that will make your heart sing with joy and laughter. The trainers also deliver a strong environmental message of preservation throughout the show.

4. Dolphin Show

And last but not the least are our adorable cetacean friends as they jump, spin and flip through the air!  Watch how they display their fantastic performances together with their animal trainers.

5. Ocean Discovery Aquarium Entrance

Don’t miss the Discovery Aquarium, a showcase of Subic Bay and South China Sea marine-life and its ecosystem. Here you’ll learn of the multitude of varied marine life in these seas, along with ways to help protect and preserve our rich, natural, sea resources.

To date, Ocean Adventure, located in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone has been a major attraction for both local and foreign tourists showcasing our signature brand of environmental education.

19 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun at Subic’s Ocean Adventure Park

  1. funny it is, we have the same niche and the same theme. but i just started yesterday after receiving the job of a travel nurse. hopefully my blog can be full like yours.hehe

  2. hello there. good to see your blog about this. i wonder how long the time duration for the overall tour (including the main attractions)? i would just like to know to help me in creating our itinerary for this august. hoping for ur reply

  3. Ocean Adventure has its newest attraction, the African Acrobat: Balancing Act Show came all the way from Naobi, Kenya! Catch them in the ONLY Open water Marine Theme Park in SouthEast Asia, and recognized by the Bureau of Fisheries, and Aquatic Resources as partner in sustainable fisheries development, OCEAN ADVENTURE!:) Godbless everyone!

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