Insightful Dialogue In The Dark Experience

Sight is what we see with our eyes, Insight is what we gain without seeing.

Months before our trip to Hong Kong, as I was making the travel itinerary, I’ve come across a new attraction at As a matter of fact, it’s not just ‘your ordinary’ destination for it is rated as the #1 among all must dos in HK.  This instantly drove me to include it in our itinerary. Immediately I booked tickets for it online (FYI there are only 2 English Tours in a day that’s why advance booking is required, and each tour group has a limit of 8 people, so better hurry up if you have plans!)

So what is this that I’m talking about? No other than the Dialogue in the Dark experience. Continue reading

Hong Kong 3 Days Budget Tour Itinerary

After weeks of resting my itchy toes, finally it’s time for adventuroj to journey into another adventure again. This time we’ll be on our way to Hong Kong! Thanks to another piso fare from CebPac, for traveling need not be expensive (as a matter of fact we’ve challenged ourselves to be on a 10K-peso budget for this travel. Let’s see in the end if we’ve met this goal).

So to start our adventure, below is a sample itinerary that I’ve made months prior to our travel. Hopefully this will also be of help to you. Continue reading