Around Clark and Subic: Travel Saving Tips

Arriving in Clark for the first time and want to save some penny? Then here are some travel tips for you.

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My Magnum Ice Cream Indulgence

I was awakened this afternoon from a nap by my ratting brother. I know I was suppose to be mad at him for disturbing my sleep (considering that I haven’t slept the whole night), but what he’s holding in his hand and licking deliciously changed my mood.

Indulgence Inside

It was the ever talked about Magnum Ice Cream.

I’ve been hearing a lot about this ice cream.. I actually saw this first during my trip at Singapore, but haven’t had the chance to buy it that time.. Lucky for me, this delicious indulgence is now available here at Tupi..

Magnum Almond Ice Cream

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A Taho a day, keeps the doctor away

Tahoooooo!!! Tahoooooo!!! Tahoooooo!!!

These are some of the words that I long to hear from a man walking the streets outside my window carrying two stainless vats attached to a wooden rod everyday – the magtataho. And I’m sure you’ve already heard this battle cry too at least once in your life.

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Taho, a Philippine snack food made of fresh soft/silken tofu or bean curd with sago (mini tapioca pearls) and sweet caramelized sugar syrup, is an iconic and ubiquitous street hawker food that remains popular to this day. This staple comfort food is a signature sweet and can be found all over the country. Its origins can be traced in Chinese influences, and has since become a mainstream favorite for generations. But catching a taho vendor on the road is a hit or miss thing.

Ever since my health conscious times (when I was still going to the gym) until now that I’m already on a Seefood diet (I eat what I see), taho had already been part of my daily carvings.

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Palawan Food Trips: Balinsasayaw, Kinabuchs, Bona’s Chaolong, Pizzito, etc

Here are some of the food stalls (some popular ones, and others not really but worth trying and not to mention yummy ones!) that we’ve tried and dine on our stay at Palawan.

Balinsasayaw Chicken and Grill


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Add some spice in your life slice by slice!

Of all the good things that had been laid on my table – I consider pizzas as one of the bestest.  And yes, one of my ever favorites!

Who wouldn’t crave for that that slice of melted cheese, with a little salty gooey satisfaction, sprinkled with Italian spices, overloaded with toppings – pepperonies, onions, ham, meats, mushrooms, veggies, add up a sauce – sometimes sweet or tart with a tomatoey taste, layered over a slightly buttery, soft and fluffy crust? YUUMMMMYYY!!!

It’s like having a slice of heaven here on earth, isn’t it?! Extremely addicting.

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