Of Candles and Birthday Cakes in the Year of the Snakes

Minutes before the 30th of January,

And I’m starting to get wary,

Will this change of year for me be happy?

Or will it bring nothing but worry?


Blowing Candles


You see this isn’t sentences and paragraphs in a post,

But a parade of lines in rhyming words and prose,

Reminds me of the PTB Blog Carnival that’s just to poetic,

So let’s just move on before I become less energetic.


I am not a poet, a verse lover, or the like,

I just love writing this way though you may dislike.

So today please allow me to rant and to grunt,

In the hope that you’ll stay there in front.


Thank God the world did not come to an end,

I still have a lot of my thoughts to lend.

Today as 22 becomes 23,

I’d like to share to you things of value to me.


May they be future plans,

Or something in the past,

 I wanna share them amassed,

In the  hope that you’ll be inspired at a glance.

1. Birthday Trip on Top of the Clouds

You may be wondering where the wanderer will be,

On the big day that is today,

Hope you’ll not be disappointed or so,

For my trip will still be tomorrow.


Now you’ll ask where shall I be,

I’ll answer you in a place I long to be,

On top of the clouds and winter frost,

 Find out where in this adventurous post.




2. The Birth of my New ‘Vigor’ous Adventure: Biking

Newest Travel Buddy - VIGOR!

Newest Travel Buddy – VIGOR!

On this day also is a time of another’s birth,

Not a person nor another living being,

But something that’s really of worth,

Useful for fleeing and sightseeing.


Yes, it is a bike,

Something that I long like,

Now that I have it,

There’s no stopping me where I could get.


Vigorous Adventurous Bike

Vigorous Adventurous Bike

I wish to discover faraway places,

As I leave my bicycle’s traces,

See more trees, hills, and valleys untied,

And have that really, really looong bike ride.

Care to join me for a ride?

Care to join me for a ride?

3. Spend Less and Travel More

This year, I also opt to save,

To travel is brave,

But I believe some things needs to be waived,

So this itchy feet’s will mildly behave.


Spend less and travel more,

How could that happen anymore?

Need not worry or put on a roar,

For I’ll make sure I’ll still give you travel tales and more.


To write of places near where I reside,

That’s what I will be doing with pride,

To travel more within my province,

Show you more for you to be convinced,

That it is indeed more fun here ever since.

4. Investing More (and helping others too)

Apart from that, I’ll also teach you how to invest,

As we’ll give the stock market a test,

Expect more from this day and the rest,

For I’ll be giving you something you’d like to digest.


I’ve already started in this basic stock market post,

Revisit it for you to get the most,

More will come that I tell you,

Together we will grow.

5. Continuous Learning: Taking Online Courses & Classes

To grow we need to learn,

That I always yearn,

Glad to know a place I could turn,

Somewhere to have my mind in constant discern.


The place’s called Coursera

An online community

That offers education for free,

From the top universities,

You’ll surely learn with glee.


Now I’ve started my quest,

I hope you wish me the best,

Time to end this lengthy post,

You, I’d like to thank the most.


Thank you,

And may all our dreams come true.


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