Investing 101: The Secret to How I Started Traveling

Somebody once asked me, “Roj, paano mo nagagawang mag travel? Where do you get your travel fund?”

Right now, you might probably be asking the same question. And so today, I would like to end all answer-seeking there is.

I’m going to write a series here in my blog on how to save and invest, for all of us to enjoy financial freedom someday and start traveling!

So let me begin.

How I Fund My Travel?

travel roj 2013 small

You probably know by now that I am a Registered Nurse by profession. And I am proud of that.

But I hope I’ll not disappoint you if I said that I am not a practicing Nurse at present. Why?

Simple. Because I want to travel. And I think realizing this dream will be a difficult one if I would be working day and night in the hospital.

And I also do not want to add myself to the ballooning number of Nurses looking for jobs , getting a meager income, some are even the ones paying for the experience instead of receiving a salary.

How tough could that get?

And so I settled for an online job. And no, not my blog. For I DO NOT EARN ANYTHING FROM MY BLOG, contrary to the belief of many people.

My blog is just a passion of mine. A hobby. A way of sharing to the world all my travel and adventures.

I work online, specifically at There I handle various clients, mostly from the US and they pay me by the hour. I do research, email marketing, project management, etc. The salary’s not big, nor not small, but it is enough to fund my wanderlust.

Let’s Start Investing!

Backpacking: A Budget Friendly Way of Traveling

Is it wise to ‘put’ money in the bank?

Take note of the word ‘put’. You may wonder why I used this instead of using “Save money in the bank”.

Because I believe that:

When you put money in the bank you are not saving, You are lending.

Yes. That is true. The only way I think that putting money in the bank could be of help is for your Emergency Funds. I’ll be talking later about this

Why will you choose to put your hard earned money in the bank that earns ONLY 1% INTEREST RATE ANNUALLY, or 5% in Time Deposits, not included to that the taxes, etc, WHEN YOU COULD INVEST IT AT A MINIMUM OF 12%?

But invest where and how?

Let me introduce you now to the Stock Market.

Introduction to the Stock Market

This investment series of posts has been long overdue.

I’ve been planning to write this for the longest time.

But I felt it wasn’t the right time.

Because I was still in the process of learning and experiencing how is it to invest in the stock  market myself.

But now the time has come. It has been 3 months since I started setting apart of my monthly income and INVEST it in the stock market, and to tell you IT REALLY DOES GROW.

Note: I didn’t say “Trade”  in the Stock Market. Because there’s a giant difference. Let me explain that.

Why ‘Investing’ in the Stock Market is not so dangerous at all?

“The stock market is dangerous!”

Have you heard that before?

I have. Many times. And you know what? I agree.

After all, statistics say that 85% of stock market players lose their money. Believe me, billions have been lost.

But whenever people say, “The stock market is dangerous!” they’re referring to trading in the stock market. Not investing in the stock market.

There’s a big difference:

Trading is buying stocks and selling them within a day or a few days.

Investing is buying stocks and selling them in six months or never!

Warren Buffet, the richest man the stock market has ever made, said, “Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for ten years.”

Here’s why I believe you should be investors: I don’t believe ordinary people should be trading. I repeat, 80% of people lose their money in the stock market. My belief is that most of those 80% are traders.

Invest Monthly and Regularly

If you want to invest in the stock market, there’s only one choice: Money Cost Averaging.

That’s just a fancy name for buying stocks of great companies, little by little, each month.

Perhaps P5000 a month. Or P10,000 a month. Or whatever fixed amount you’re can set aside from your monthly earnings.

The important thing is to do it regularly. When you do this, you’ll find your money growing steadily year after year.

Are you already eager to find out how?

Investing in the Stock Market

Looking Onwards to 2013

I often hear people say that they are investing in the stock market, and always wanted to give it a try as well, but I DO NOT KNOW HOW.

I also thought that investing in it could be done only via stock brokers (these are the people you hire, you let them handle your money and they’ll be the one to invest it in the stock market).


No middle man. No stock broker. Less expenses. More savings.

Great isn’t it? But how? Let me introduce you to CITISEC ONLINE.

What is Citisec Online?

I don’t work for Citiseconline. But I highly recommend that you use it as your way into the market.

I’m recommending it to you because they’re the best online trading platform in the country today. They’re also the biggest.

Trust me on this, I’ve researched them well.

Getting Started on Citisec Online?

Citiseconline has made it very simple for small investors. They created the Easy Investment Program or EIP.

If you have P5000 or more, you can start investing. P5000 is the initial minimum amount. It’s up to you how much you’ll invest after that. Log in to WWW.CITISECONLINE.COM to get started.

Every month, you can deposit P5000 (or whatever amount you want to put in) into your Citiseconline account. No need to go to their office to do this. You can do it through a bank deposit via any branch of BDO, BPI, Security Bank, and HSBC.

From the comfort of your home, you can open your computer, log onto the website, and buy the stocks that you like. You’re doing it. You’re in control.

What Stocks Should I Buy?

I said “Buy stocks that you like”, BUT THESE SHOULD NOT BE JUST ANY STOCKS.

You have to make sure that the stock you buy are from established companies ; solid, great companies that will make you wealthy in 20 years.

But how will you know that?

Simple. You could join in a club called the TRULY RICH CLUB.

Why Should I Join The Truly Rich Club?

The TRULY RICH CLUB is founded by Bo Sanchez, an author known for his best selling books, inspiring talks, and yes, financial mentoring.

Upon joining the club, Bo will bug you every month to invest. He will email you his Stocks Update containing the list of the companies that we should invest.

Here are some sample snapshots of what the Stock Update contains –

Sample Stock Update

sample stock update bo sanchez

sample stock update bo sanchez 2

Apart from receiving the Stocks Update, he’ll also be sending out daily inspirational emails, monthly newsletters, DVDs, interviews, power talks on how to view money, in terms of relationships and on building businesses and character ;  and of course, personal growth materials.

Why I recommend joining the Truly Rich Club?

I honestly believe that in today’s world, information is king. If you are not informed, you will be left out. You will always be wondering how come others are getting financially ahead while you’re still stuck working at a dead-end job you really hate.

So why wait any further?

What will you get when you join the Truly Rich club?

Here’s a sneak peak of what you will receive:

truly rich club resources

  • 2 Power talks every month (instant access via MP3)
  • Bo Sanchez Success Mentors Collection every 3 months
  • 4 Wealth Strategies newsletter every month
  • Daily God’s Whispers email
  • How To Be Truly Rich Seminar
  • How To Conquer Your Goliaths E-book
  • How To Turn Thoughts Into Things E-book
  • My Maid Invests in the Stock Market E-book (I’ll be giving this as a FREE TREAT at the end of the post)
  • STOCKS UPDATE (Monthly update of what company Bo Sanchez invests in)
  • Earn passive income by becoming Bo Sanchez affiliate in the Truly Rich Club

Free Ebook Copy

Below is an ebook that I’ll be sharing to you and it’s all yours for FREE. I recommend you to read them to get to know more about the Stock Market, Citiseconline, and the truly rich club. (JUST CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD)



How To Be A Member of Truly Rich Club?

To be a member of Truly Rich Club by Bo Sanchez you need to register —> HERE

For just a small monthly membership fee, you’re off to a start of financial freedom and wise investment.

So if you are ready to gain financial wealth and spiritual abundance then click the link below:


Feel free to contact me via my EMAIL ; or send me a message at my FACEBOOK ACCOUNT if you have any questions.

Happy investing everyone!

15 thoughts on “Investing 101: The Secret to How I Started Traveling

  1. Hi Roj! 🙂 Wow I am one of those people who are confused about “trading” and “investing” 🙂 All the while I thought they are the same lol. This is a great opportunity for most people with a regular and meager Php5k income 🙂 I’ve truly learned a lot today CHEERS!!! 🙂
    – regine

  2. Woah, I didn’t know na na naga-invest ka og stocks, Roj. That’s our plan sauna with some Pepper officemates. I opened all your links and hoping for the best! 😀

    • Hi Mariane!

      Yes. Mutual funds are also good, however usually they do have hidden charges (you’re also paying for the stock manager somehow discretely).. but they’re still considered as good investments – comparable to the stock market. both are way better than having your money stagnant in the bank

  3. Okay. You are brillz! I’ve always wondered if it was possible to invest some of my earnings and have more of a passive income, which will prove very useful and convenient for constant travelers who work as freelancers and digital nomads. I’m definitely considering it now after reading this post. I have a question though. Is this as simple as it looks or do you at some point need to sit yourself down and learn the basics of it all before you start investing?

    • Hi Paul!

      The platform at Citisec is very easy to understand once you’re logged in.. they also have a program called the EIP (it lets you decide what companies to invest to on a regular basis).. you could read more about it in the ebook above.. it’s a quick read 🙂

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  5. hello! Just want to know the difference between Philippines and international gold membership. What will be the advantage of being an international gold member? thank you .

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