Singapore Chronicles: Off to Asia’s Favourite Playground – Sentosa Island! (4/4)

The goal for our second day in Singapore was simple: Explore Sentosa Island.

As early as 8am, we were already up and ready for our day of getting lost in the marvellous theme park! I just couldn’t help but feel giddy in excitement as we made our way to Resorts World.

Vivo City Mall

On-board SMRT, we alight at Harbourfront Station, walked into VivoCity Mall, and explored the place a bit before heading to Sentosa. We also bought some food at the Supermarket to bring along our trip.


We also had a quick stop at Candy Empire, the home of the yummiest chocolates here in the city.


Sentosa Island


It’s surprising to know that some of the beaches here are named “Palawan” and “Siloso” – names that I’m sure are familiar to Filipinos. Someone even told me that the owner of the popular Siloso beach is a Filipino, thus the reason behind its name.


Siloso Beach: First Stop

We decided to start with Siloso beach resort. It was surprising to know that almost all the resorts here have no entrance fees, no corkages, or whatsoever. 😀



Since it’s already lunch by the time we got at the beach, we agreed to just have our lunch here. So armed with our baon (freshly bought from Vivo City Mall where the food’s much cheaper than buying here) along with the dilis that we’ve managed to cook earlier this morning, we’ve looked for a place where we could stay. We’ve found one under the shade of a tree by the side of the beach.


Tanjong Beach Club & Palawan Resort


After a sumptuous lunch,  we then proceeded to explore the other side of the Island.


The beach is just so tempting that me and my friend decided to take a dip in it. And besides, it is not everyday that we get a chance to swim in the beaches of Singapore.  Might as well enjoy it to the fullest 🙂



The rest of the day was spent navigating the rest of the island. It’s amazing to know that even though we’ve had the whole day, still it wasn’t enough for us to see the whole place, it’s just that huge!

iFly Singapore, Merlion, Hershey’s Chocolate World, and Universal Studios







The Various Colors of The Merlion



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