Singapore Chronicles: Walking Tour to Merlion Park, Raffles Place, Marina Bay, etc. (3/4)

After taking a nap, and with a camera on one hand and the itinerary on the other, we headed out to get to know Singapore more.  Getting around Singapore is not difficult. It’s just a small place that you could actually visit almost all the places aboard their MRT.

We ‘topped up’ (that’s how they call loading their cards here) our MRT cards and headed to our first stop this afternoon – Raffles Place.

Raffles Place, One Fullerton and Fullerton Hotel

Said to be the city-state’s central financial district, many key buildings in Singapore are in Raffles Place. The moment you come out of the train station, you’ll be welcomed by this futuristic sight although the exterior of the MRT Station adds a back-to-the-past twist.


Following our itinerary, we walked through the Change Alley and check out their shops and cafes. At the end of Change Alley is Collyer Quay, adjacent Raffles Place. Follow the traffic and you’ll see the beautiful and topnotch Fullerton Hotel.



My friend and I just couldn’t help but take photos of the various buildings here from all angles almost endlessly. It’s just so magnificent. Sabi nga naming parang kahit saan ka tumingin dito ‘view’ ang makikita mo




After enjoying the view at One Fullerton, and the stretch of waterfront restaurants and café, we proceeded to the Merlion Park, which is just located to our left.

Merlion Park, Makansutra Gluttons Bay, and Esplanade

The Merlion Park and Esplanade are two of the most easily recognizable landmarks in Singapore. They also stand across each other, on the opposite sides of the rivers. A lot of people say: You have not been to Singapore unless you have a picture of you at the Merlion Park. And it seems true because of the volume of people at the site. There are just so many tourists doing what most tourists do — take photos. LOL


From the Merlion Park, our next stop was the Esplanade, the Durian-shaped buildings across the river.

We walked under the Esplanade Bridge (the flowery one) and go on until the next bridge, the Anderson Bridge. Cross that bridge and you’ll get to the Esplanade Park.


By this time, our stomachs are already hungry and so we found ourselves eating from various food choices that’s offered at the Park. We also bought an ice cream from one of street ice cream vendors there.


After filling our tummies, we continued with our walking trip. We’ve been to a lot of places after that without knowing (even more than what our itinerary suggested) that I’ll just post random pics here and just let yourself enjoy through them.



Art & Science Museum & Singapore Art Museum



Louis Vuitton, Olympic Walk, Marina Bay




Clark Quay, Indochine, & Plaza Singapura



SOTA (School of the Arts Singapore), Singapore Management University, & Asian Civilizations Museum





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  1. Hong Kong, in my opinion, is the only sensible example in the globe of a key town that has been created from scratch and run as a thing of an offshore, cost-free market place experiment – initial by the British, then by the Chinese.

  2. Great article! I loved the insight and advice given. Also, your writing style is very pleasing to read. If you have enough time please browse my new blog and let me know what you think.

    • Hi Tyron Finey! My apologies if the reply got a bit delayed, Akismet filtered the comment under the Spam folder. It’s flattering to know your thought on my blog. Well hopefully I could join one in the future! But even if not, I’d already be happy to know that my blog’s able to make readers like you happy, it’s more than a prize won in a contest! 🙂

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