Palawan: The Historic Plaza Cuartel (and my horror story)

Plaza Cuartel, which is across Immaculate Conception Cathedral church, looks like your ordinary city park with concrete pavements, towering trees and benches, but here lies a deep and dark historic mystery.

The ruins of an old garrison and tunnels are proof of its grim past. Plaza Cuartel is the site of Palawan Massacre. The tunnels were where 150 American prisoners of war were kept during World War II.  But on December 14, 1944, the Japanese decided to kill them all by burning them alive. Many perished but eleven prisoners were able to survive and escape the mass execution. The place was then transformed to a leisure park.


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Palawan: Butterfly Garden

Palawan Butterfly Garden is the home of different species of butterflies endemic to the province. The Butterfly Garden is located in Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa. It’s a small garden filled with beautiful butterflies in their natural habitat where lots of plants and flowers where butterflies can frolic onto. Continue reading

Palawan: Beautiful Baker’s Hill


Another attraction and part of Puerto Princesa City Tour is the Baker’s Hill. Baker’s Hill is located at Sta. Monica, same way to Mitra’s Ranch. Baker’s Hills Bake shop is known for its baked products like manon, crinkles, Brownies, the famous and best seller HOPIA and other “pasalubong” products. Continue reading

Palawan: Mitra’s Ranch

Rancho Sta. Monica, popularly known as Mitra’s Ranch is one of the popular tourist spots in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This was one of the destinations in our Puerto Princesa City tour. Located in Sta Monica Heights, Puerto Princesa. Mitra’s Ranch offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Palawan. One can enjoy the breathtaking view of Honda Bay here while feeling that cool breeze swept your face.


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