Surigao Tinuy-An Falls: Philippines’ Little Niagara

Adventuroj in TInuy-an Falls

Wonders of Bislig

Situated at the Southeastern coast of Mindanao facing the Pacific Ocean, Surigao del Sur’s Bislig City is 158 km south of Butuan, 152 km south of Tandag City and 208 km northeast of Davao City. It may be reached via a 6-hour bus ride from Davao or a 5-hour bus ride from Butuan.

Little Niagara Falls

Dubbed as the “Little Niagara of the Philippines,” Tinuy-an Falls is a spectacular three-tiered falls (there is a fourth hidden from view) about 55 meters high and a breathtaking width of 95 meters, said to be the widest in the country. Centuries old amazing giant trees, ferns and vines in a thick rainforest envelop your ride through thick forested hills that enclose the falls. Islets are on the swimming ground, with slippery logs where you can cross for a good view, plus multi-layered stones as pathways. Continue reading