Cebu-Bohol for 3k: Day 3 Bohol City Tour

For our 2k Bohol City Tour courtesy by Kuya Allan (09163011715) for only 2k van rent Bohol City Tour,

Here are the scenic places that we’ve traversed! I’ll speak no more and just let the pictures speak for the marvel that we’ve found in the Island of Bohol!

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Cebu-Bohol for 3K: Day 2 Panglao Island Hopping

Activities for the day / Schedule:

  • 07:00 AM: Meet Boat at Alona Beach
  • 08:00 AM: Dolphin Watching
  • 08:30 – 10:00: Arrive at Balicasag Island. Swimming and snorkeling
  • Lunch from 11am onwards (optional)
  • 10:00 – 11:00: Head to Virgin Island and walk on beautiful powdery white sand
  • Return to Panglao 11am (lunch not taken)
    ***Note: Departure Time can be customized
  • Head back to Tagbilaran City from Panglao

Our Superb Budget Island Hopping and Snorkeling Tour starts and ends at Alona Beach. The experienced boat crew [09482122216 Kuya Babet for 1,500php for all six of us] took us to Balicasag Island where we enjoyed snorkeling in the well known Marine Sanctuary. Along the way you’ll be mesmerized as you’ll be sailing with dolphins too! Continue reading

Cebu – Bohol for just 3k Barkada Trip!

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Traveling had been a hobby for the adventurer in me long as I could remember. But this time is different , coz I’ll be traveling with my group of friends.

We set out early for the promo fare hunt and planned our itinerary ahead. After grabbing another piso fare, it’s time to pave the road ahead.

Day 1 Adventure

  • Cebu – Bohol Ferry Trip
  • Spend a night and beach bum at Panglao Island, Bohol

The adventure started upon our arrival at Mactan Cebu International Airport. We immediately headed to the Pier for the fast craft that would bring us to Bohol. Continue reading

Tupi Agten Festival’s Street Dancing Parade

Yet another year, another September 11, and yes another year for the beautiful and bountiful Tupi, my home town.

So to bring to you the chronicles of the colorful feast, here’s a sneak peak of what transpired in the joyous merriment. Let your eyes enjoy the parade of colors!

Agten Festival Street Dancing Photos

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TNALAK FESTIVAL 2012: 15 Reasons Why It’s More Fun in South Cotabato, Amo na ya!

I shielded my eyes from the glaring heat of the sun. From afar I could hear the distant sound of the forest, the chirping of the birds, and the rustling of the leaves as they danced with the wind. I’ve been a traveler long as I could remember.  I’ve been to a lot of places, seen various faces, and indulge myself in worlds all foreign to me.

But today is different; I don’t know where I am yet my heart feels at home.

In front of me is a majestic, cone-shaped mountain with luscious rainforest that literally beckons every climber to climb it.

1. The Towering Mt Matutum

The Pride of South Cotabato: The Picturesque Mt Matutum. Photo Courtesy of Atty Nonoy Rojas

I know I’ve seen this before. If only I survived that bungee jump long ago in one of my outdoor adventures, I wouldn’t have to undergo that brain surgery that damaged my memory. Nevertheless I still thank my God for keeping me alive. And now here I am with my travel buddies alike whose names I can no longer recall, on a tour they say could help me remember. Continue reading

Kalilangan Festival 2012

This year I was one with General Santos City in celebrating its Kalilangan festival last February 27.

Photobucket    Photobucket

The word Kalilangan is derived from the Maguindanaoan word “kalilang” which means “festival,” or “celebration.” The anniversary celebration commemorates the landing of the city’s founder, General Paulino Santos, along with the first settlers from Luzon, at the shores of Sarangani Bay.

Kalilangan celebrates colors, ethnicity, thanksgiving. There’s actually more that depicts Kalilangan, and and I am so proud to say that this year I celebrated Kalilangan with awesome friends.


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