Day Tour at Corregidor: A Step Back in Time

Not far from Manila is an island that holds so much history – Corregidor.


So one day on our short trip to Manila last October 19, 2014, me and my friends decided that to join a day tour in our country’s last military station before the Japanese took over of the Philippines in 1942.

corregidor tours

Corregidor Day Tour Cost

Two weeks before our trip, we found a promotion online on one popular group buying site selling the Corregidor tour for only Php1,450 from its regular price of Php2,200, quite some deal huh? Lucky us!

On the day of the tour we proceed at Sun Cruises office behind the CCP Complex at 7am. Boarding at the ferry commences 7:30am and departure at 8am so you better not be late.

Corregidor Tour Itinerary

corregidor cruise

  • The Guided Island Tour (via tram) will make stops at the following destinations such as Mile long barracks, Spanish lighthouse, eternal flame, batteries, museums and many more.

corregidor day tour

  • Daytour Schedule:7:00am  Check-in Sun Cruises Terminal

    8:00am  Departure Manila

    9:15am  Guided Island Tour

    12:00nn Buffet Lunch

    Continuation of the tour

    2:30pm  Departure Corregidor

    3:45pm  Arrival Manila

Corregidor Tour Photos

Here are some of our photos during that historic and memorable trip – Enjoy!!!

corregidor island day tour

travel tours

corregidor island tour

philippines tourism

travel tours

corregidor island tour

Until next time fellow adventurers!!!

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One thought on “Day Tour at Corregidor: A Step Back in Time

  1. Hello Roj, I just want to ask. What are the modes of transportation from manila to the destination? Might drop by there next month. 😀

    Nice blog by the way. keep it up!

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