Unraveling AdventuRoj 2013 Travel Calendar: Kita-kits tayo!

Dearest 2013,

The year 2012 had just passed  by successfully. Can I expect you to give and BE more?

More travel packed, more adventurous, more road trips, plane rides, food trips and all there is.

We just turned ONE YEAR OLD yesterday, all thanks for proving the Mayan-End-of-the-World forecasters wrong.

So without further adieu, as much as I want to reminisce the good ole memories of 2012 and look backward, I’d love it more to move forward and look on the year ahead of us. So here I’ll unravel the 2013 Travel Calendar of AdventuRoj.

These are just the fixed, scheduled dates as of time of writing, changes are always welcomed. I intended to leave out as many weekend free as possible to give way for unplanned trips, as they say “A Good Traveler Has No Fixed Plans.”

travel Quote 44

So lo and behold, my 2013 Travel Plan! Let me know if our paths might cross!

– – –

*Just click on the navigational arrows above to switch between months…

– – –

So there it is! Kita-kits! Just shoot me an email or visit me at Facebook if you want to coordinate, travel with, or invite me. *wink

travel 33

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