Day 4: Quickie in Cebu

For our last day of the tour, since we’ll be departing Cebu to Davao and our flight’s still scheduled for 12nn, we decided to have a quickie in Cebu first.

It’s not the quickie that you’re thinking Smile hehe

We headed to Sto Nino Basilica and attended the Sunday mass, then proceeded to the historic Magellan’s Cross which is just a few steps from the church.

Below are the snapshots that took place. Enjoy!

Cebu City Tour

I bet you didn’t know there’s a Feb 30, 2013?! Well that’s what the Peanut Roll from Bohol told me! Haha

I’ll be posting the budget for the whole trip up next. You’ll be amazed how we’ve manage to have everything below 3k!

The above blog post is part of my budget Bohol – Cebu tour series of posts in the Island of Panglao, Bohol and Cebu City, Philippines that happened last September 13-16, 2012. | Cebu – Bohol for just 3k Barkada Trip! | Day 2 Panglao Island HoppingDay 3 Bohol City Tour | Day 4: Quickie in Cebu

2 thoughts on “Day 4: Quickie in Cebu

  1. hi po.. i am also looking on ur post for ur budget for this trip.. i’ll be in cebu soon.. thanks thanks 🙂

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