My Magnum Ice Cream Indulgence

I was awakened this afternoon from a nap by my ratting brother. I know I was suppose to be mad at him for disturbing my sleep (considering that I haven’t slept the whole night), but what he’s holding in his hand and licking deliciously changed my mood.

Indulgence Inside

It was the ever talked about Magnum Ice Cream.

I’ve been hearing a lot about this ice cream.. I actually saw this first during my trip at Singapore, but haven’t had the chance to buy it that time.. Lucky for me, this delicious indulgence is now available here at Tupi..

Magnum Almond Ice Cream

So after seeing the treat he’s holding, I immediately got up and grab my share. I took it out of the wrapper and uh well.. I want to say I started eating it immediately but nah.. I took a few seconds taking photos of it.

Magnum Ice Cream Indulgence

Let’s start with the price, at first at thought it was expensive, especially that my favorite Pinipig Crunch can be bought for a little over 20 PhP. However when I opened Magnum Almond Ice Cream, I realized it was priced right. The serving is really big, not to mention the chocolate coating is very thick and eating chocolate and ice cream at the same time for 50PhP is actually cheap.

Yes, that’s exactly how I felt while I was munching on it.. it feels like eating my favorite milk chocolate while licking on an ice cream.. I love the chocolate coating.. for someone who spend so much on chocolates, I find Magnum Almond worth it… but the chocolate coating and the vanilla ice cream don’t mix together (something that I was expecting).. it’s like eating chocolate AND eating vanilla ice cream.. something that you can do by buying chocolate and vanilla separately.. well I guess I am used to eating the usual pinipig crunch where each bite seems to be a wedding of vanilla and chocolate coating.. But yeah, buying ice cream and chocolate separately is not as cheap as 50 PhP, Magnum Ice Cream is your cheapest and best alternative.

Simut Sarap Magnum

Magnum Stick

Will I buy Magnum Ice Cream again? Of course I definitely will! I still have to try the other flavors, Magnum Classsic and Magnum Truffle.

Magnum Ice Cream has been around since 1989 (source) but it was only this year that Magnum is brought to the Philippines.

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