AdventuRoj Surigao del Sur Adventure

Yet another outdated post of mine. Back when I wasn’t still a blogger, not even in possession of my baby Nikon D3000 DSLR. So  pardon me if my shots here aren’t as great. But anyway an adventure is an adventure no matter what, so here goes my Surigao adventure.

The Plan

I had always wanted to visit Surigao del Sur but with no one to accompany me, this hadn’t been realized. Not until last year when my roomate and friend invited me over to their company’s outdoor trip. The trip was scheduled on August 28-29, 2011. Destination is at Surigao del Sur, with the Enchanted River and Hinatuan Falls as the main courses.

What tempted me even more to come was that because the trip will be on a budget one. My friend, along with her co workers (of which I know no one. Oops. I haven’t thought of that) do know someone from Surigao who will host them (or us). That alone could already be big savings! Plus the vehicle that will be used will also belong to one of their other co worker who also lives at Surigao. Talk about cost cutting huh? 🙂

The Departure

We departed Davao City at 3am on August 28. The journey was a long and winding one. Some roads are smooth, while others are not. And this made me love the trip even more! My adventuRoj (adventurous) side just can’t help but enjoy the scenic views along the way.

However for people who are not used to traveling in a rough, bumpy and punishing road, going to Hinatuan might bring some discomfort as the road seems endless with so many signboard pointing to “enchanted river”. But I am used to this kind of travel because in the past the road going to my hometown is similar to this, so the experience was not annoying anymore.

Surigao: The Long and Winding Road

After about 3 hours of travelling, our stomachs started to roar and so we decided to stop and park along the roadside and ate the typical ‘baon’ pinoys used to have in a typical Filipino ‘kinamay‘ (a manner of eating by using your bare hands) style.

Pinoy Style Eating

Three more hours and … we arrived at Surigao del Sur. Off to our first stop at the Enchanted River. We were still on the entrance when we were welcomed by these… such long queue of cars trying to get inside. *whew! (The bad side of going into holidays on ‘holidays’).

Long Queue of Cars on the way to Enchanted River

So what did we do? We just decided to walk from where our car was parked towards the entrance of the resort.

Walking towards the light

At may jump shots pa!

Jump for Joy!

Here is a series of posts on our 3-day adventure to Surigao del Sur. Discover the places we’ve been to, the people we met, the food we tasted and the experience we gained in this remarkable escapade.AdventuRoj Surigao del Sur Adventure: The Plan | The Crystal Clear Enchanted RiverVanishing Island at Surigao del Sur | A Cave at Surigao del Sur (An Untitled One) | Sibadan Fish & Turtle Cage, Surigao del Sur | The Hidden Tinago River, Surigao del Sur | Surigao Tinuy-An Falls: Philippines’ Little Niagara

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22 thoughts on “AdventuRoj Surigao del Sur Adventure

  1. Hi Roj, there is no issue with the quality of the photos here for me 🙂

    I know someone who blogs without high resolution photos but her adventures are really unusual and anything I couldn’t imagine. She gaves me a reason to visit her blog again because of her adventures despite low-resolution photos.

    You just did a great job here. What is important is that you enjoyed your travel! Happy travel nurse!

  2. It’s not in the photos. Roj. It’s in the travel stories. 🙂 That looks like a really challenging trip, dirt road and all. You’re right, holidays are not the best time to go on a holiday. Ironic no? 🙂

  3. I am from Agusan del Sur myself but I have only been to Surigao del Sur for a few times. Sadly, the roads going there are not too friendly but then again…there are also hidden treasures behind those long and winding roads.

  4. Truly, if you to places, tourist places in particular, on holidays, be sure to expect long queue of visitors. I have always wanted to visit Surigao, but I hope in God’s time I can visit it, especially the Enchanted River.

  5. You gave me an idea to do a side trip, should I visit Davao in the near future. I don’t mind long and bump travels, just as long as the destination is worth going to. =) And I think I can make it to 3-hours *lol* Plus, your photos have been captured well despite not having your DLSR then.

  6. Some travellers are not very lucky to own a DSLR camera. For me whether you have a good camera or not that doesn’t matter. What matter most is the unforgetable experience with your mates. Even though a blurry picture still can represent a quality time of bonding. Noon nga black and white ang mga kuha ng litrato pero buhay at makulay pa rin sa ala-ala ng tao ang magandang karanasan.

    • Tumpak Jen! I totally agree with you, it’s not really on how beautiful your images are, rather what matters is the memories that you’ve captured.. something that’s there to stay for a lifetime. 🙂

  7. i can relate when you said being bad about going on holiday on holiday. this is one of the huge reason why i cancelled the marinduque trip with friends this holy week and taking a roro – can’t stand the people rush…

  8. But most Holidays fall every during summer time and kids vacation time. Fine sunny weather can also be experienced during summer…kaya roads going to tourist spots destination are expected to have long lines of cars tourists travellers. Just go with the flow na lang…

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